2012 was a pretty big year for me now that I look back. I launched a new website, my own photography business and my very own print shop! I think it’s important to acknowledge your accomplishments, sometimes I move so quickly on to the next project that I forget to be in that moment and celebrate (that’s what boyfriend’s are for! to remind you and to celebrate you!). A lot of people reflect on the year and focus on resolutions never accomplished, or the difficulties endured. While I can agree not every day of the year was a big ball of sunshine, I do know there was something good in each day. If you are looking for the negative in yourself, others, or in the past, chances are you probably will find it, but I urge you to seek the good in people and the good in the year to come! Wake up and say 2013 will be my year, and make it happen. That is why I created this print (above) – coming soon – and am working on a collection that will continue to inspire you each day. Today I am highlighting some of the brightest moments I shared on my blog throughout the year. I have met the most lovely people and that is something I cherish about this platform. I’ve been so blessed to have the opportunities I have had. Photographing and writing for The Kit, having my prints sold at Blush and Sweet Praises, being published in Southern Weddings Magazine, featured as Roots Canada’s Selects and on Fashion Magazine’s Style Panel to booking 2013 Weddings! I have accomplished so many of my professional goals I had only dreamed up at the beginning of the year. The motto is just that true: be kind, and work hard. The most important relationship in my life is the one I have with God, and each year I intentionally want to draw closer to Him – we are always growing as people, as we are with Christ, it never stops. Involving Him in every aspect of my life has truly been the core of my decisions and blessings. I cannot wait to share more projects, surprises, life and love, right here with you all.

Thank you for coming along with me on this amazing journey. Cheers to 2013. God is good!

This brought tears to my eyes. I am so happy for Sarah & JB, and felt so flattered that they wanted to use one of my prints for this memorable photo-shoot. I felt like I was there in spirit! On top of that, a photographer I admire so much, Jessica Lorren, captured this moment. I love this. Photo courtesy of Jessica Lorren Photography
You didn’t think I’d forget to mention him did you? After all, what is a good year without someone to share it with?
My sweet, sweet Nealy, you made this year one of our best, I love you.