As we begin to close out 2016, I always love looking back at the great things God did and put in my life. I am a believer that although there are ups and downs, there is something good in every year! I choose to focus on what I can be grateful for and grow from the rest. So here are my highlights from a year that has been filled with changes…


TEN: Our first Christmas as Mr. & Mrs. was really special. Waking up on December 25 to my husband making me breakfast, playing worship music and soaking in God’s grace in our cozy little condo will always be something I remember! See our holiday home tour here.



NINE: Like most, our honeymoon trip to Acapulco was one we’ll never forget from this year! So many hilarious moments as newlyweds! After our wedding, we just wanted to relax and Mexico is where we feel most rested. Our florist and friend recommended Encanto Acapulco, a gorgeous, minimalist property up in the hills. See the hotel tour here.




EIGHT: We didn’t have engagement photos taken, but on our wedding weekend, we invited our photographer Ryan Ray into our home to take some intimate photos of us in our first place together. I cherish these images because they capture our excitement two days before we got married, on our first date anniversary (July 1st). It was Canada Day, we went out for Indian food, got to know Ryan more and it just prepped us for the weekend ahead in the best way. The night ended with Canada Day fireworks! See all the images Ryan took here.


SEVEN: A really exciting thing happened this year. We were able to grow my business to a point where Neal could quit his job, and join my team full-time! Working and living with my husband has been a learning curve, but we both LOVE it! It’s made us more accountable and efficient, and the best part is being able to travel at any time with my husband and do what I love, with the person I love! We prayed on this decision for a while, and God opened up the perfect time, as He always does, to make the leap of faith. We trust Him every step of the way with our marriage and our business and He has never failed us!


SIX: At the beginning of the year, I took my Mama on a trip to the Dominican Republic for a getaway. It meant a lot to me that I could treat her to this trip, for all the things she does for me on a daily basis, between helping with my business, being an awesome MOM-ager and my bestie. We had the best time tanning, swimming and endless laughing. It’s a trip I’ll never forget! We definitely bonded in new ways and it brought us closer.


FIVE: God has taught me so many things in these seasons of so much change in the past year. I became a wife, moved in to our own place, dealt with loss, started working full-time with my husband in such a short span. His grace is what carried me through any confusion, struggle or failure in my personal and professional life. To list out everything would require a few more blogposts, but what I can say is books, the word of God, and surrounding yourself with people who will fill you up with prayers and love is what has shaped more of my character this year than anything. It would be easy for me to list out all of the pretty travels and moments, but I am grateful for brokenness, because that’s what teaches you to put your faith and forgiveness into action.


FOUR: My blog shifted to a lot more personal posts with us getting married, moving in together etc. and I’m so happy you all came with me as the focus shifted from primarily fashion to my other passions, like being a wife, decorating, learning to cook (I’m still learning!!), and our faith. I feel truly blessed to get to do what I do, and hopefully bring some inspiration to your lives. I so enjoy creating content and scouting all of the beauty in the world to bring to you! THANK YOU!


Black Sand Beach in Vik

THREE: We’ve been able to travel a lot this year, which was always a dream growing up! Our trip to Iceland was an experience I’ll never forget! It was one of the most adventurous trips we’ve ever taken, and being among all of the vastness and beauty of this country felt so humbling. It fired up a desire to explore more far and unknown places in 2017 which I am so excited to do with my partner in crime. Our Iceland travel vlog will be uploaded soon — be sure to subscribe for more of our travel/life videos this next year!


Swimming in the Blue Lagoon, Iceland.


TWO: Moving in together was so exciting for us. I love waking up to my husband everyday, it still gets me giddy. We enjoyed our wedding, but the real fun is not a party that lasts one day, it’s your marriage that lasts forever. This is what we were really excited about! What is better than living with your best friend? I love the memories we’ve created here (there are plenty to count) and we had the best time renovating and decorating our little Jolly Abode! We even got it featured on Domino Mag this year which was really exciting. See our condo tour here!


ONE: You’ve probably already guessed my number one moment of 2016! Marrying Neal was by far my favourite thing about this year. We’ve dated for eight years, and when I met him I knew in my heart that was my husband. I’m so thankful everyday God brought him to me, and how loved I feel everyday because of him. Marriage is the best! See our wedding day featured on Style Me Pretty!


I am so thankful for healthy and happy family and friends! Cheers to a blessed 2017 year for all of you! I can’t wait to see what God has planned…