I love when I can share and open up so you guys can get to know me better, so I thought this would be fun (I shared one on the blog last summer) but I haven’t gone back to read it yet, so let’s see if I can share something new today…

1. When I’m hanging out with family or friends I barely go on my phone (unless it’s to post for work). It’s funny because I notice a lot of people revert to their phones, but I like being present with people and giving them my full attention. Most people think because my job is so on-line based I would be attached, but I get so much freedom putting it down!

2. I live for memes. Literally I try to hunt down the funniest ones to send my husband or friends and just crack up. I probably waste an hour of life everyday looking at memes and chuckling. Laughing is healthy, so it aint a waste!!

3. I don’t like being used. Most people don’t right? I am naturally extremely giving to people around me, but I’ve had a lot of people in my life take advantage of that and had to walk away.

4. When I was in high school I was not athletically gifted, but somehow I became the team “manager” of the volleyball team. This basically meant I could leave class earlier and hang out with friends on the bench, lol! I always felt a little out of place for not being into sports but now I love where my creative side took me in life!

5. My favourite vacation ever was our trip to Maui. Neal and I felt so spiritually connected to the earth while we were there. I always remember how I felt after a trip, and on that one I particularly felt inspired and relaxed. We also got to meet some amazing mentors of ours out there as well (love Jeff & Alyssa) check them out!

6. I’m obsessed with breakfast sandwiches. If I had my choice of fast food, I’d probably always pick a breakfast sandwich, but I try to limit that lol!

7. I hate cilantro.

8. Growing up we had so many animals! Bunnies (three), birds (four), fish (too many to count) and dogs! My dad is obsessed with animals and I definitely get that same love for nature from him.

9. I am terrified of space. I refuse to watch any space/astronaut movies because it totally creeps me out that we’re just floating and all of the unknown that exists there. I just remind myself that the creator of the universe is a loving God and holds all of it in His hands!

10. This one you might already know – I love to travel but I’m also a huge homebody. I love the comfort of being in my own bed and having my routine and people around me. I can’t travel for too long at a time! I get extremely homesick.

11. I’m a huge plant lady. I love having plants in our condo, but I cannot wait for a garden one day to plant flowers and vegetables. I spent all of my childhood with my late grandfather in his garden and going to visit my aunts and uncle’s gardens (this is a prideful thing in my culture to have). My grandpa would literally rip out a green onion from the soil, water it down with the outdoor hose and I would eat it raw, just like that (as if it were candy).

12. I am hopelessly messy. Seriously guys, I feel like I work so hard at this (laundry, organization etc.) and it literally stays like that for a day and then it’s a mess again! My room was always a mess growing up (the only thing I ever got in trouble for) and somehow I can’t kick the bad habit!! I need HELPPPP.

13. I barely watch TV. I have shows I’ll tune into here and there, or I’ll spend a rare weekend binge watching a season of something on Netflix (currently love Queer Eye) but otherwise, I never turn on the television.

14. I’m a very free-flow person, I have no structure or routine in my day. Neal helped me get more structured when he joined my business, but when he first joined my team full-time after coming from the corporate world, he was all “how do you function like this?” lol!

15. I love aromatherapy! Candles, oil blend diffusers, books, cozy blankets and a cup of tea or a glass of wine are totally my jam.

16. I don’t mix well with selfish people. I try to give everyone grace, but if you only worry, care or are happy for yourself and can’t think of others around you (and not just people who are like you or related to you) that ain’t cool with me dog. I can be too considerate at times and get hurt when others don’t reciprocate. What I’ve learned through my faith is to love difficult people anyway (but I’d be lying if I said it was easy).

17. I love sour candy! Sour Patch Kids are my kryptonite.

18. I am obsessed with home decor and creating inviting, cozy spaces. I love helping my friends and family with their home plans – I’d probably be doing that, if I wasn’t blogging full-time!

19. I’m a huge advocate for taking care of yourself: sleep on time, drink lots of water, get tested to see what vitamins and nutrients you’re missing in your diet (I love naturopaths), eat well and be grateful. Your body is sacred. I believe God (Holy Spirit) dwells in me, and it’s a priority to take care of the home He gave me to live in.

20. I love our proposal story. It was one of the most magical moments of my life and so many people came together to create it just for us. So humbling! Neal had a whole village work to make it happen (you can read the whole story here).

21. I love places that have beautiful beaches, kind people and delicious food. I think that’s why Italy and Hawaii are my fave! You’ll almost always get all three!

22. I’m always wanting to work on personal growth and educate myself. I’ve learned so much over the years, and learning never stops for me. I always want to grow into someone who is kinder, more graceful and giving, patient and loving. I want to be more like Jesus 🙂

23. Whenever I’m anxious I have my husband pray over me and play worship music and I feel peace wash over me. I used to let it spin into full-blown panic attacks and I thank God He delivered me from that dark time in my life. PRAISE JESUS!

24. I am obsessed with Pinterest! I don’t know if others have moved on, but I go on a few times a day to get inspo for style/home, pin ideas for shoots or grab recipes — it’s like flipping through a magazine for me! I never buy magazines anymore (only Magnolia Journal & Relevant Magazine).

25. I always want to make others laugh, because I believe it can heal a lot in a person. We walk around with such serious faces on the street. Have you noticed that with people? Life can get very serious, and there’s a lot of hardship in the fallen world. When people spend time with me, or come to my blog, I hope they leave feeling happier. More like it’s okay to be themselves, not put up a front and just feel at peace.

Which fact surprised you the most on the list? Comment below!!