As I write this I am now 31 weeks pregnant but still can’t believe we’ve entered weeks in the “30’s” now because these are the last of them until we touch 40 (who knows, she may arrive before then)! It’s such a blessing to get to the third trimester after everything we have been through and I am just amazed by this miracle everyday. Time has really flown and I can’t believe I have only 2 months left until this little mama makes her entrance earth side. In case you missed it and you’re going through this season of life with me, I’ve done a 1st Trimester and 2nd Trimester recap as well you can check out.

Symptoms + Overall pregnancy feelings

As far as symptoms go, I’ve been feeling pretty good! No big complaints here. There are of course symptoms nonetheless — sleep is definitely disrupted by discomfort and frequent urination and some shortness of breath (as the bump grows/more things are compressed inside). I can also get wild indigestion some days/nights (I take magnesium supplements that help), as well as major “lightning crotch” as if she’s sitting on my bladder and these sharp (short lived pains) hit me down there, haha! Mild swelling has begun as well, so I definitely have to stay on my hydration or I get some water retention, as well as wearing my compression socks! Carpal tunnel, tingly hands going numb during the nights when I sleep come and go as well.

I feel her moving all the time which I love so much! She gets really active when I lay down, which can interrupt a relaxing nap but I don’t mind. Everything is pretty special to me. Neal and I love laying down and watching her move around, it makes us so happy.


Fruit is still something I really love during my pregnancy but PLUMS especially! They taste so refreshing to me. I’ve had a sweet tooth during this pregnancy, so Easter candy was definitely on the list lately too, lol! My body craves protein (smoothies, eggs and meat are my sources) and lots of water!

Nursery + Baby Prep

Neal and I have been purging and spring cleaning a ton the past few weeks (we still have a few more things to tackle) but got a lot of it done during the second trimester when I had even more energy. I didn’t know how I would be feeling during the third trimester, so I wanted to get as much done as we could. I like having things ready and not waiting until the last minute because it would make me feel anxious, so just doing whatever we need to do to create the best, calm environment leading up to birth was what was important to us. Some days I get fatigue and just need to lay down a few times a day — I’m really trying to listen to my body and not push it — but for the most part I feel like I can still organize and clean. We’ve also been getting the nursery more prepared, even though she won’t be sleeping in there just yet, we just want to have her clothes washed, organized, folded, baby items in their place that we will be needing, a change table set up etc. We set up the stroller and stored it in our front hall closet and will be installing the carseat soon as well.

As for nursery decor and design, we completed her arch wall (you can see a little tutorial here I shared), put her crib together, ordered the Newton mattress (and some cute crib sheets), installed her bookshelves, ordered the rocking chair and closet set up. I want to do a little gallery wall behind the rocking chair to add some art to the walls (some from my shop (I’m designing new ones), as well as some religious prints from this beautiful shop I found). It’s looking so cute in there and we love just going in and dreaming about her being in there one day!

Baby Shower

Even before the pandemic hit, I wasn’t too crazy about having a big baby shower or event. While I do think a baby is something so worth celebrating, I don’t love attention on myself. Our wedding made me feel so awkward, and we had a pretty small wedding, lol! I’ve always preferred more intimate gatherings with immediate family and close friends that are relaxed. Being in a third lockdown where we live, we won’t be doing any type of event before birth. It would be nice to gather in the summer outdoors the baby arrives and I’ve had some time to heal (which I think is even more special) with just Neal’s immediate family and mine for a little lunch in the yard. We will see how everything goes! I’m also not a big fan of zoom, haha, so we will just wait until we can safely gather intimately with family.

Prep for Birth

Now that I’m nearing the last few weeks of my pregnancy, birth is definitely on my mind! I have no idea what will happen and I’m leaving all of that in God’s hands, praying over it and trying to release that control and fear that’s often associated with birth. I trust God, my care team at the hospital and my body to guide me through. We hired a doula who will help support me leading up to birth, during and after. I picked up this book to read which I’ve heard is amazing, downloaded this app called Christian Hypnobirthing for positive affirmations and I want to continue staying as active as I can with walks and yoga. The rest like I said is in God’s hands! 🙂

What I’m Buying + Registry

I’ll be sharing my top registry buys in a blogpost soon but in the meantime, these are some other items I’ve been ordering for postpartum, baby, nursing bras I love and diaper bags. I’m always sharing new pieces I’m purchasing in real-time for baby, pregnancy and postpartum on my LTK page as well!

These are some baby buys (all linked here) my friends and family have raved about that I have purchased to have ready for when bebe arrives!

See the blogpost for links to these diaper bags I love and which one I went with!

These Calvin Klein bras have seriously been the comfiest for me in pregnancy and I will be using them for nursing! I am a 34A but since I’ve been pregnant I have grown and so I sized up to a large in this bra! Wild 🙂 I got a medium as well for down the road when they…shrink? Who knows what will happen to them, haha!

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful with some resources to get you through yours as well! You got this mama! xoxo