Support Tank: ALO Yoga // Bike Shorts: Aerie

I wanted to share five at-home workout videos (totally free on YouTube) you can try this week. Most are light, stretching and help with anxiety! All you need is a mat and your laptop or smartTV that can play YouTube videos…

+ This a quick flow you can do to engage all of your body and breath.

+ If want to kick it up a notch and you are a pilates girl, this is a nice 45 minute workout and all you need is a yoga mat.

+ If you’re experiencing anxiety or stress this flow will help flush cortisol out of your system.

+ This is a quick and easy workout you can do with your coffee table at home!

+ If you have back pain, this video is great! I sometimes just do stretching videos after a long day on my office chair (or if you’ve been on the couch binging a show for too long). Try this!