I’m new to the whole mom thing, but even in my little experience (just over a month now) I’ve learned things along the way I feel compelled to share to help other mamas with newborns thrive! Here are some of my top tips and products we are loving so far in these first few weeks with our Gracie girl…

Go Hands Free! | Munchkin Bluetooth Enabled Swing

Babies love to be held, and I do my fair share of snuggling my little girl, but it’s been so helpful to have this swing so I can get a few things done and she loves it! It offers that similar rocking I would do in my arms with Grace and I can bluetooth music through it (she loves our music, we currently have John Mayer on repeat). I park up next to her and answer a few emails or eat my breakfast. It also collapses so easily so you can store it away and save yourself space and clutter when you’re not using it!

Keep It Simple | Zipper Sleepers

Zipper sleepers all the way! Especially for night sleep, I am way too tired to button up a sleeper in the middle of the night (no thank you). Zipper sleepers have been the best and that’s all we’ve been putting our newborn in! Make things as easy as possible for yourself mama (this is definitely one of them). 

Holistic Therapy | TheraBurpee™ Colic & Fever Rescue Kit

Something I was pleased to discover were these burp cloths that have hot + cold inserts which are great holistic therapies for many different causes that can arise (i.e. upset tummy, blocked milk ducts – something I personally experienced, teething pain, colic and more). Gracie always feel soothed from her gas/hiccups when I have her over my shoulder. These are great to have on hand to help comfort you or baby!

Convenient Caddy | Nursing/Diaper Change Cart

This is a convenient way to keep everything you need all together and the wheels make it easy to move from room to room. Whether it has your nursing necessities or diaper caddy and swaddles, this is so nice to have ready to go!

Always Be Prepared | Diaper Bag

Another hack that’s so helpful and saves time (especially if there is an emergency) is having a diaper bag always packed and ready to go. We always have an extra change of clothes, diapers, diaper cream, pacifier and more packed and at the door at all times. You just never know! This makes it a lot less stressful, rather than running around trying to pack everything.

I hope these tips help you survive and thrive in the first few weeks, you got this mama!

Thank You to Munchkin for partnering on this post, all opinions are my own.