Recently on our anniversary trip to Croatia (last month), Neal and I had so many talks reflecting on our 10 years of dating and 2 years of marriage. We always dated with intention — setting our sights on the future and what we wanted out of it. We poured our hearts into our faith, relationship, career and wanted to build a life and partnership that would have meaning and bless others that came in contact with us.

We’re not perfect, but we’ve learned a lot about commitment and what it takes to push through everything life hurls at you. Our relationship has elements that helped us enlarge our views on the heavy topic of marriage: we’re interracial, we work together full-time (not a lot of people do with their spouse), we met at a young age right before our careers started (growing together, not apart) — but that doesn’t mean the road hasn’t had brokenness to get to where we are today. By grace and through faith we stay together and work on our love everyday. We’ve learned some great lessons along the way, and we have so much more to grow but we thought if sharing more about us and our relationship with God could help even just one person, then it would be worth it! Instead of just another travel vlog, we created this video to be more intentional about how we use our influence and gifts.

I hope you guys enjoy Part 1, and stay tuned for Part 2 coming later this week with our final tips/lessons! Subscribe if you’d like more talking videos like this where we tackle and share our thoughts on life. Huge Love! xoxo