For the past eight years, I have worked from home. My previous jobs allowed me to work remotely and over the years I’ve found helpful tips to help me stay productive…


Wake up early & get moving!

I always feel more productive waking up earlier everyday. There’s something about the rest of the world still quiet and calm in the early hours that makes me feel like I’ve bought myself extra hours in the day to get a head start on emails, shoots etc. Full disclosure: I used to burn my midnight oils late at night and sleep in a lot in the past, but I have found I am more motivated and get better results when I get to bed on time and wake up in the early AM.

Get dressed!

Putting on real clothes and not staying in your pyjamas all day has this weird effect where you feel more inclined to tackle your to-do list. Sweatpants are for lounging, relaxing and sleeping – getting out of them promotes the opposite! There really is something to be said about running a brush through your hair and putting on an outfit that gets you excited about your day!


My Nespresso Machine!

Not only does much needed caffeine come in handy to help out some days, but this machine can even help you program your coffee at your desired time! The Nespresso Prodigio connects with the app on your phone, so you can brew straight from your desk. It’s simple, convenient and a huge time saver so you can stay focused on what you need to do and your coffees are being self-made ready at the times you’re on your way to crashing. As most of you know, my husband Neal and I work from home together and he especially loves this machine. Right now they have these delicious limited edition capsules, like the apple cinnamon flavour that we are enjoying.




Set a Schedule & Stick to it!

Every sunday evening I like to sit down and create a schedule for the week using my Work It Weekly Desk Pad Planner. This helps me stay on task, reminds me of any deadlines and I really stick to it when I see it written out on paper. I know there are apps, iCalendars etc. but physically writing out my tasks helps me ingrain it in my mind even more and thus, I commit to it.


Limit Distractions!

I think we’re all guilty of getting distracted during work (I could watch dog videos on social media all day), but it’s important to limit as many as possible! There’s nothing wrong with taking breaks and giving yourself a little brain vacation because I truly think you can come back to your work with more clarity. However, if a distraction is taking over it may be time to eliminate it as a whole until after work hours. For example, I’ll put my phone on airplane mode to ensure I stay focused for a designated period of time to avoid answering texts, checking social etc. when I have to get a project done.


I hope you enjoyed these posts and find them helpful to your productivity progress. If you have some tips for WFH, I’d love to hear them…

Huge thanks to Nespresso for partnering on this post and keeping us fuelled!