We’ve all had those days where things can be a little crummy (ok, sometimes very crummy), but no matter how bad, I believe there is good in everyday. If we have no pain, suffering or loss, we don’t realize the worth or fully appreciate having joy, abundance and people in our lives. I don’t wish for suffering and honestly, there are a lot of painful experiences I wish I could take away from others (and myself). However, I do know when I have gone through things it has served me, taught me and grown my capacity for compassion — our pain is never wasted. Spiritual blessings come wrapped in trials.

I don’t like to sit in a bad mood for long, so these are some things to try and turn it around…


I’m going to put that right up at the top. The power of prayer can be overlooked, sometimes I’ve even forgot to do this, and my husband will remind me, “did you pray about this?” It doesn’t have to be long and fancy, God already knows what happened and what’s on your heart. You can just talk to Him like a father. I always say, “Jesus, I trust you,” even when I’m anxious or having a bad day. God is working and saying it out loud gives the Holy Spirit power to work and I can rest knowing He will take care of my worries (1 Peter 5:7). He will redeem this for you.

Take the focus off you.

If you can’t make yourself happy, go and try to make someone else! Can I pay for someone’s coffee? Check up on someone in my life that is walking through a tough season? Make a box of things to drop off for donations? Volunteer at my church, shelter, nursing home? I’m a #2 on the Enneagram which is “The Helper” so this just instantly makes me feel better about my day when I can be of service to someone else and it takes the focus off me. If I just wake up everyday and think about my problems, I’m going to breed anxiety. Look around, there is a lot more pain and suffering in this world (perspective is everything) — not to diminish your own, but to appreciate that our circumstances are not forever and not as bad as someone else.

Do Something Productive.

When I feel like things are out of my control and frustrating me, I try to do something I can control that will be productive and make me feel better. For some that’s working out, checking off something from their to-do list, for me, whenever I’m upset, I clean. I need to keep my hands busy with something and cleaning my space makes me feel lighter and less stressed. If I’m having a bad day and our place is a disaster, my mood instantly gets worse, so I focus on reversing the physical space around me to clear up my mental space.

Talk to a Mentor.

Whether that’s a pastor, counsellor, therapist or friend. Depending on the level of what I am going through, I base who I need at that moment (I always go to God first). We are meant to live in community and not walk through life’s trials alone (thank God). Neal and I check in with our pastor for lunch every few months, and it keeps us accountable. You have to have people in your life that will keep you accountable, people that will make you reflect and provide wisdom and speak life over you in tough seasons. I like going to someone more seasoned (either via age or experiences) I can confide in. Don’t just take your issues to anyone, especially people who you wouldn’t trust to guide you or know much about how to help you. You also don’t just want someone who is going to work you up more than you already are, because that’s not productive or healing. I understand people need to vent sometimes, but always bring it back to a more positive way of thinking at the end. Don’t just stay angry.


Gratitude interrupts anxiety, anger and our circumstances. It is a magnet for healing, growth and peace. I started out with a goal years ago to write out 1000 things I was grateful for (after I read this amazing book). I found that I got to over 1000 things because God is just so good. Everyday I’d log a few things (either when I woke up or at the end of the day) in a blank notebook. I’d get down to the really minute things like a bird singing, pretty sunrise or someone’s laugh, that made me grateful. We’ll always put down shelter, family, health etc. but I challenge you to look for those detailed little blessings that occur each day. When I do this (especially on a bad day), it really turns my day around and that’s when I realized, not every day is good, but there is good in everyday!

Whatever you’re walking through, big or small, know that it will get better. There is always hope. I am lifting you up in prayer and sending you love. I hope this post was helpful in anyway to you! xoxo

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