I met Melissa Andre many years ago in Toronto while working briefly in the wedding industry doing freelance photography. She was so sweet, energetic, funny & gorgeous. I call her J.Lo for fun (as their resemblance is uncanny) and she is a real life wedding planner (just like Jennifer in the movie! admittedly it is one of my faves). She’s gone on to do many fabulous events (Drake’s birthday party, GQ x The Weeknd for The Grammys etc. to name a few — girlfriend is hot!), but I love her for her the hilarious, talented, hard working, LADY BOSS that she is! We always envisioned her being involved in our wedding day and we are so grateful she’ll be co-ordinating our big day in two weeks! There’s no one else I’d trust more than her! In addition to being fabulous and planning incredible events, Melissa also launched a line of gorgeous flower boxes. We got inspired to collaborate on a limited edition peony box and stationery/prints to celebrate wedding season and my upcoming union! It couldn’t be a more perfect fit and we had the best time shooting this collection…


Mr & Mrs Print (available in black or white)


Bridesmaid Card Set






Mrs. Print



Maid of Honor Card


White Leather Wedding Journal with Gold Foil Monogramming (of my new initials) SS X GIGI NY 




The peony box is a luxurious gift perfect for a bride the day of her wedding or a beautiful way to ask your bridal party or Maid of Honor! They come in a sleek, acrylic box that makes for the perfect keepsake afterward for all of your wedding memories. Gift them with a Mr & Mrs print, or a pretty handwritten card to add a nice touch. We’re doing a promotion with coupon code: “LOVE” on both of our websites to receive 30% off everything on and get $30 off your purchase of a Melissa Andre Blooms box.