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I love doing Q&A Sundays on my Insta-stories and get asked so many great questions whenever I do them! One of the questions I got that I wanted to expand on was, “What do you do when you’re feeling stuck in life?” so I thought we could go in a little deeper with this on the blog today. I think when you turn on social media, everyone’s life can appear like there are no roadblocks (because it’s a highlight reel of fun, exciting moments for people) and you can feel really isolated in what you’re doing or where your life is going. Social media facade aside, real people get in ruts all of the time. No-one has it all together all the time (even the people who like they do, trust me). Here are 6 things you can actively do to help you get your way out of a “rut” and propel you forward to your purpose (I believe we all have one)….


I gotta be real on here (you guys know I always will be), this is the first step. I take my every worry, every problem, fear, anxious thought, hopes and dreams to the throne. There is a lot of power in prayer and I have received clarity, peace and doors open for me when I lift up what’s holding me back. I’ve had days where I live in a constant state of anxiety or stress, not seeing any change and I think to myself, “wait, have I even prayed about this?” — whenever I feel like this it’s usually because I didn’t think to pray yet. When I do, the answer always comes and I laugh at ever thinking I could do this life without Him. Even if it’s months later – God will always provide an answer. Sometimes the answer is “no” but He has good plans for you and if you trust Him, they turn out better than what you planned for yourself! I read this and loved it: He’s not an “I told you so” kind of God. He’s a come here. Welcome Home. I’ll fix you. I love you. My grace never runs out. Just believe that’s enough” kind of God.


It’s so important to have a vision for your life. Whether you are single or married — having goals (personally or professionally are so important). Sometimes we can get lost along the way, but having the big picture in mind that you can always go back to when you get distracted brings it back home. Neal and I have a vision of what we want our family to grow into, our business to stand for, and work on helping each other become the people God intended for us to be. Whenever I feel stuck, Neal reminds me of this and who I am and speaks life into me about what we are ultimately working towards. For us, we want to be a resource, bring joy, help/serve others and it is not about glorifying ourselves in the process. If you’re single, write this down somewhere (on a post-it note or in a journal) and whenever you feel stuck, go back to this and remind yourself of the big picture. All of the little distractions and disturbances fall away as you remember what you are working towards and that should refuel you.


What we consume: the books we read, music we listen to, television, movies and social media we watch etc. has a direct effect on our mental health and well-being. If you’re filling yourself up with negativity or with things that are not life-giving (and by that I mean, if it doesn’t bear fruit for your life and positively impact you) then you need to cut it out and fill yourself with the good stuff. Whenever I am not watching what I am consuming, I can see how this can impact me. I like to read books that help me with my self-development (I have a whole post here), listen to good, inspiring music and podcasts and I don’t really turn on the television or watch many movies because I find so many lack substance. Instead, I’d rather spend time with people I love or who can be mentors/offer insight. Put down technology and get face to face with people, having a good conversation with a friend or loved one can be so life-giving! People who complain a lot, or are always in a negative state can bring you down.


Whenever I am too close to something that’s frustrating me, I like to take a step back. I gain a lot of perspective when I get out of my regular routine and take time away. Sometimes this means a week-long vacation out of town, but not everyone can always do this, and neither can I. Something as simple as taking a walk outside and getting out of your “space” and head can offer new light. I love taking walks — probably because i’ve always had dogs, but they are therapeutic to me. So whenever I feel like there’s a roadblock and I don’t have a solution, I get up, grab the keys, take a walk and talk to God. Then I’ll call a friend/loved one and try to pull more insight and shed light on a situation. Fresh air can do wonders!


Having good people to speak life into you, pray over you, love on you, support and encourage you is a blessing. I understand this can be hard to find. My tribe consist of: my husband, our pastor, a few close friends, mentors and family. These are the people who know me best and I can be fully vulnerable with. Whenever I am stuck in life, I know I can go to these individuals for comfort and prayer. Asking for help or advice is not weak, you are actually stronger when you let people in and let them help you. We are not meant to carry our burdens alone. We’re meant to do life with others.


As a creative, I have to constantly stay inspired and you can really burnout sometimes because I am in such a saturated industry, it can lack substance. I love following other creatives that don’t do what I do: artists, photographers, travellers, writers, authors and pastors. Travelling always inspires me and refreshes my soul with new perspectives. Sometimes a song, a place, a person or a book can be the source of inspiration that encourages me to push through whatever is holding me in bondage. Letting go of the things that don’t serve me, and propelling forward.

If you’re currently stuck in a spot you feel you can’t see your way out of, just know this too shall pass. It doesn’t last for long and I have the belief that whatever is meant for me won’t miss me. God works in His timing — not mine, and with a little faith, He reveals himself to me and has moved in my life, showing grace to me while I have been in the pits. Romans 8:28: And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.