One thing I’ve definitely focused on in 2020 is making sure I had a better sleep routine in place. For my fertility, stress management, allergies and more, I knew I needed to change things in my bedtime routine! Sleep is so important, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you, but it’s also something I feel like gets overlooked or undervalued. How many of us pull all-nighters, stay up scrolling mindlessly when we know we shouldn’t or consuming/doing things that are going to keep us wired rather than help us unwind? Sleep helps with our mood regulation, hormones, physical restoration, it strengthens our immune system, helps the brain clean out the toxins and aids in thinking clearer (thank you pinterest for this infographic)! So, here are a few things I’ve added into my routine to promote the best sleep I can get…

Cooling Mattress Topper

This is an inexpensive way to help make your mattress comfier! You can order these on Amazon or Bed Bath & Beyond and it feels like you’re sleeping on a cloud. It’s so nice to have! This is the fitted sheet I used over mine.

Turn Your Phone On Airplane Mode

There are two reasons I recommend doing this! 1) Our phones emit major radiation, so if you sleep with your phone by your bedside, then it’s especially important you put it on airplane mode to eliminate your phone’s harmful EMF radiation. 2) If you’re addicted to your phone or late night scrolling/texting then this will help you be less prone to touching it because you won’t be getting alerts or have the temptation and you can start to unwind.

Chamomile Tea

A little ritual of mine before bed is to make myself a cozy cup of tea. Just the act of making it instantly relaxes me, it sends a signal to my brain it’s time to unwind and the calming effects of chamomile tea helps me to de-stress, relax and sleep better! It also helps to settle your tummy after dinner so you can digest. If you eat late, especially a sugary dessert before bed you’re going to find it harder to digest and be able to fall asleep because your body is working overtime to break it down and balance out your sugar levels.

Opt For A Good Book Over Late Night TV

I know it can be tempting to watch a movie or binge a show before bed, but I find if I do that too close to bedtime I’m more wired and then spend time on my phone after scrolling because my eyes have been stimulated. Next thing you know it’s 3am and you’re still wide awake! I’ll watch something at least two hours before bedtime so I can really rest. Instead, I like to read something light and positive before bed! I love learning about health, fun fiction books or do some faith-related studying before I go to bed.

Blue Light Glasses

If you are going to watch a little TV before bed then at least wear these blue light glasses! You don’t have to wear these just at night, you can wear them during the day when you’re using your digital screens (like the phone, computer etc) and it will help your eyes feel less strained. I noticed my headaches also were reduced when I started wearing these!

Add a Purifier & Humidifier In Your Room

One of the best things we have in our room is our Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool machine! Seriously, I feel so grateful to have this because it’s helped with many different things. We live in a condo (which doesn’t have the best air quality), we deal with allergies and we have a dog – so a purifier is a must! We also needed a humidifier to add moisture back in the room and a cooling fan (because Neal overheats at night) and the air just feels so good on you while you sleep. This is a 3-in-1 heaven sent machine for us! It’s helped so much and I highly recommend it for your bedroom to sleep better.

Essential Oils

I diffuse oils if I’m having a harder day to help me unwind. Just a few drops of lavender, lemon and peppermint oil in our room while we sleep makes our room smell nice and some aromatherapy always makes me feel relaxed.

Journal Gratitude

Every night before you go to sleep, write down three things in a journal (you can keep by your bed) that were GOOD in your day. I promise you’ll go to sleep feeling happier focusing on the positive parts of your day and gratitude really can interrupt anxiety. I write more than 3, but start there!