Tee: Topshop (US Link | CANADA Link) | Denim: Levis | Sunglasses: Quay (Nordstrom)

Good Morning Babes! Happy to be back at it today — we got back from the Treehouse, went grocery shopping, did some meal planning, cleaning and work and getting back on a schedule yesterday! I feel like other than my Lucy walks, I haven’t worked out at all, so I’m excited to get back in the gym a few times every week starting tonight! Summer + travel + work can really throw you off with eating and working out, but it’s never too late to reset. In other news, I fell in love with this 1990 tee (it’s the year I was born, shoutout to 90’s babies). It’s hard to find my year on tees so right when I saw this I scooped it up! Love casual tees like this from Topshop lately (see this one here as well).

I’m going to meet a friend for coffee this morning and then get right in to my e-mails and work, so we will talk later my loves! xx