Every morning, before I get ready or check anything, I sit with my devotional. If I don’t start my day with God, the rest of my day just isn’t quite as good, and it definitely does not feel right. The other day it read: If we learn who we are in Christ Jesus and understand how much He loves us, we can approach everything and anything in an attitude of faith. It is a simple truth, but it seemed to take me a while for me to whole heartedly believe this. This truth has enabled me to take on so many difficult moments, and get through them in a relaxed way, leaving all of my worries with God. It took many hard lessons to bring me to this place, and finding strength within myself — which is where God lives, bless that broken road that got me here. Too often we look to others or things to help us, when all we need to really do is look inside ourselves and what God has placed on our hearts. My relationship with God is never finished, it is always in progress.

I’m going to be pretty candid in this post, because it may be that you need these words today, or that I can help someone. We all experience fear and anxiety — some to a more intense degree than others — people can leave you crippled emotionally when they hurt you, the unknown can be paralyzing and some situations could prompt you in to a huge leap of faith you’re afraid of taking. Knowing how much I am loved by God has helped me power through really difficult points in my life, personally and professionally. Staying in prayer and in faith has given me a source of calm that I otherwise would be lost without if I had never come closer to God, and truly know Him, which meant to truly seek Him. Prayer is the most powerful tool God gives us. Before I turn to anyone for advice, before I panic over anything small or big – I go to God first. That is how I truck through every hurdle, all of my fears and worries. You can really pound on God’s chest, you can let all of your worries out and dump it on Him, and He will take care of them. This is a profound truth, I wish everyone knew, because I really feel it would reduce the stress we inflict on ourselves and others. He answers, He forgives and He loves us, not because we are perfect, but because He loves us that much. You may have something really heavy on your heart right now, and in those moments it can be blind you from seeing anything good to come from it. It takes believing in this truth, and trying to comprehend just how much He loves us, with a heart full of faith to be restored.

Everything is relational: love God, love others. We have something at my church called the prayer room, where a group of people offer their time to help you pray. If you’re going through a rough time, I want to open my inbox for prayer requests so that I can help you. That is how serious I am about the power of prayer. Click the envelope below to submit your prayers. Thanks for spending this time with me today. xo SS