Bring a bunch of lady bloggers to do some crafting, one amazing stylist – Tiffany Pratt, florals by Blush & Bloom, alongside delicious (healthy) treats from Tori’s Bakeshop, and you have what is called, Christmas in July!
If there was a photo to describe my relationship with Tiff, this would pretty much be it!
Attempting to make a stocking, which resulted in what would resemble more of an elf’s boot!
Delish all organic, gluten & soy free donuts from Tori’s (I can taste them as I type this – oh my yum!!)
Her smile lights up this world!
Showing off my elf boot proudly!
Roy, owner of this amazing space, Salvage Shop surely stole the show. What other man willingly puts
on a wool sweater in a heat wave to join the Christmas party!? Loved him.
My Santa mop beard (also known as decorative trim for your stockings, think outside the craft store!).
Everyone needs a telephone booth in their sun room, no?
That my friends is how Toronto does Christmas in July!
Huge love to Alex of Wild Eyed Photography for taking these incredible snaps.

© Wild Eyed Photography