Reversible Coat: Urban Outfitters // Workout Bra: ALO // Workout Leggings: ALO // Shoes: Nike

Let me start this post off by saying, I don’t normally throw on workout clothes and go for a run. I throw on workout clothes and do many other things (but I don’t run). I love taking the dog for a walk, finding trails and exploring, going for a bike ride, swimming (basically activities that don’t feel like you’re working out, even when you are). One of my goals for the end of the year (can you believe we only have 3 months left of 2018!?) and next year, is to find something I love doing what keeps me active.

The gym isn’t the most inspiring place for me, but I’d like to get reacquainted with it and also discover what I love to do that keeps me moving (other than walking my sweet Lucy girl, which is great but we need to step it up around here). This has changed for me over the years; I was in to spin class, then I loved hot yoga and then I discovered training videos online, but I always found it a struggle to stay consistent. Let me also just say my best friend is a personal trainer and I love that she’s driven and prioritizes her health so much, so I have a full-time accountability coach. She is always ready to help and encourage me in this department, but I’ve definitely let this area go admittedly.

Here’s what I know, if you love it, you’ll do it more often, but you sometimes have to do it often to start to love it. Neal’s always been active (he loves to play sports), but he recently started taking his workouts and nutrition more seriously and it’s inspiring me (it also helps to be on the same page since we share the same meals). I want to have more energy to do and fulfill the callings on my heart, and sometimes the work-life balance can be difficult, something has got to give. I don’t think it should be health though. So here I am putting the fingers to the keys and holding myself accountable to this post to get moving. Hey, we can encourage each other! It’s not about being a “size” or looking like an airbrushed model (I’m happy with my weight, thank you very much). I just want to feel healthy, strong and energized everyday (and not get winded whenever I climb the stairs). I’d love to hear what you guys have found works for you (if you don’t mind sharing) and if you have any tips to get going and stay in the game. I always find cute new workout clothes helps (a little), haha! xoxo