Tie-Dye Set // Glass Spray Bottle Set // Mason Jar Glass Bottle Set // Shampoo Brush Device // Salad Chopper + Bowl // Clear Lipstick Lids // Acrylic Tissue Box // Boatneck Sweater // Rubber Flip Flops // Spice Jars

Spring is here and I’m in the mood for juicing, salads, re-organizing, self-care and cute loungewear! I ordered almost everything on this list and wanted to share some of my finds…

I got the tie dye set because I needed new pjs for spring, I love the long sleeve top (my arms always get cold) with the shorts, they have different variations, sets and colours to choose from! My arms get cold at night, even in the warmer months so I love the long sleeve.

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The glass spray bottles are perfect for making at home cleaners with natural ingredients like vinegar or essential oils! I saw this on Pinterest and wanted to make a lavender spray for our pillows. I’m going to order some cute labels so they’re aesthetically pleasing too (I’ll share a post when I’ve completed them).

I’m all about kitchen stuff as we continue our renovations in the condo (excited to cook in my own space again) and so I treated myself to this salad chopper (funny I know but this is what excites me at 29) and some pantry spice jars to DIY with my own labels. I love aesthetics like this! The acrylic tissue box is another aesthetic thing (I hate the tissue box designs and hide them because they throw off our decor so this is a great solution to a silly problem).

The clear lipstick lids are genius! I’ve seen them for a while now but they were always just for MAC lipsticks, now they have more sizes and shapes available. Perfect for seeing what shade you have without opening all of the lids! If you’re re-organizing your beauty cupboard, this is just another tip!

One of the things on my list that isn’t a need but would be nice to have is this shampoo brush device (waterproof of course). It’s supposed to stimulate hair growth, works your shampoo really well into your scalp and provides a nice massage in the shower. I love self-care tools like this!

Those are just a few goodies I am loving for the season (I’m always sharing my Amazon finds on TikTok and IG, so follow me there if you aren’t already).