At-Home Facial Steamer // Detox In A Jar Mask (code: STEPHJOLLY) // Silicone Brush Spa Kit // Breakout Star Moisturizer // Riki Mirror

When I was younger I’d pretend that I had my own “spa” where I’d give my cousins, sisters, mom and friends manicures, massages and more! Even back then I feel like I knew the importance of slowing down, relaxing and creating a “zen” space. I know I need some self-love time to keep my mental health in good shape and little things like doing at-home spa days make such a difference! Right now, we have the gift of time at home (it may not have been a choice or the desired way) but nonetheless, I hope you’re making the most of it and staying HOME (safe and healthy)! You can do this routine 1-2x a week to keep your skin and pores clean and loved on. I hope you take some time for yourself to relax and incorporate some more routines that you may have neglected through the years.