Oversized Faux Leather // Tularosa Sweater // Black High Waisted Denim // Knee High Boots

This week has completely flown by with projects, vlogmas, working on the launch of our new clothing line and life! Who else feels like the last few weeks of the year always go by so much quicker? My outfits have consisted of whatever Christmas PJ bottoms I can find and a random sweater, as we’re working hard from morning to night to meet deadlines. So, there hasn’t been much to document lately (in the style department). However, I managed to put on real pants and get this shot the other day! I threw on this aviator jacket and it feels so festive for the season (like an edgy Mrs. Claus up in here, but I prefer Mrs. Jolly thank you very much). Christmas music is getting me through the hectic days with joy, so I thought I’d share my favourite Christmas tunes/albums of all time with you…


Favourite songs on the album: Seasons, Arrival

I love listening to worship music everyday (it’s really healing for me and a way my relationship with Jesus has been able to deepen over the years). This album lifts and calms my spirit in anticipation for Christmas. It’s amazing that God took on flesh to be with us and the miracle this day means for us that celebrate. I love singing words of praise to Him. Neal and I usually put this album on for long drives in the car or in the mornings making breakfast. So good!


Favourite songs on the album: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, Silent Night

Lauren is so soulful (sounds so much like Adele) and constantly playing in our place. I love putting her on, grabbing a book and cozying up with hot chocolate to watch the snow. She has upbeat jazzy jingles, and she’s got her soulful, slower songs.


Favourite songs on the album: White Christmas, Silver Bells

Kenny G is lit! Love putting on his albums for dinner parties and relaxing nights in with a glass of wine with my hubs. So good.


Favourite songs: “Holly Jolly Christmas” (our family’s theme song, obviously!) and love “Ave Maria”

My good old Canadian favourite! Buble is always a classic for parties, making dinner, game nights etc.

Loving these playlists on Spotify:

Jesus Culture Christmas (peaceful songs to soak in the season)

Christmas Pop (you get the Biebs, Buble and everything in between!)

Magnolia’s Curated “Most Wonderful Day of the Year” (a mix of classic tunes, I love Frank Sinatra!)

What are your favourite Christmas albums or songs? I love hearing and discovering new ones…