To say I am excited about Gracie’s first Christmas would be a huge understatement. Having our baby here for the first Christmas is something I’ve longed for, for a long time. Being able to celebrate the birth of Baby Jesus with my very own baby, well there’s really nothing better than that! It’s truly not about gifts, or toys, or decorations (she’s way too young to remember any of this anyhow), it’s the feeling of her being here and experiencing this magical season with the most magical girl. I can’t wait for more to come, but for now we’re going to soak up these amazing memories.

I love finding ways to introduce Grace to our faith through books, pictures, music and interactive toys (I mean how cute is this nativity set), even though she is so little, I believe it’s never too early to begin! I’m so excited to tell her all about Jesus and how much He loves her. I’m in the mood to go all out this year, just because these last few Christmases have been low key and a little hard, so, I’m really looking forward to doing it up (even if it’s just for Neal and I, he he).

If it’s your little babe’s first holiday, I’ve got a roundup of cute outfits, books we’ve bought to start reading, toys and some decor. We thought it would be fun to get Grace a mini Christmas tree for her room she can decorate each year with her own little ornaments as a little tradition. I can’t wait for when she can actually participate in the decorating!

I ordered this beautiful “first Christmas” ornament from a Canadian Etsy shop (always great to support small businesses this time of year) and this mini 4ft Christmas tree we got for Grace’s room that’s pre-lit! I also love these sweet little village homes for her shelves in her room. I can picture her playing independently with some toys when she’s bigger πŸ™‚

Grace will be 6 months at Christmas time and she is all about teethers, plush toys (we’re obsessed with Jellycat over here) and picture books! The Little People nativity set is a great way to introduce the story of Baby Jesus at a young age too (I loved gifting this to my sister’s kids).

There’s really nothing cuter than some festive Christmas pjs! I also picked up this teddy fleece set for winter and I’m loving this beautiful dress for a fancy dinner with family.

Grace loves books! We’ve read to her ever since she was a newborn and over time she got more and more intrigued (she now knows to turn pages as well which is adorable). Board books are great (they prevent paper cuts) but I also wanted to get some interesting story books for us parents to read he he (some books are a little *yawn*). I ordered some faith-based books (we love God Gave Us Christmas, its the sweetest) and then some fun winter books my girlfriend suggested (like Mice Skating and When Santa Was A Baby).