These are a few of my comforts and support my wellness — from headaches, to allergies, to stress, these all help me on a daily basis…

Pill Organizer

I’m huge on vitamins! I take a pre-natal (which is like a super multi-vitamin) that includes iron. Zinc and Vitamin D are great for boosting your immune system right now!

Magnesi-Om Powder by Moon Juice

Magnesium is great to take before bed for stress, sleep, aches and more! I don’t know about you, but my sleep has been totally off so I need all the natural help I can get right now.

Barefoot Dreams Wrap Cardigan

My home style is usually sweats or leggings, and I love throwing on a cozy cardigan that feels like a blanket hug especially in the mornings! I love Barefoot Dreams throw blankets and their cardigans — they’re definitely a splurge but so worth it! I wear mine every morning and it’s one of my comforts.

Fuzzy Slippers

You can find great ones on Amazon or invest in these UGG ones, either way fuzzy slippers at home are comfy, offer your feet some more support (walking around barefoot all day starts to hurt) and keeps them warm. I’m a huge fuzzy slipper girl!!

Laura Mercier Honey Bath + OUAI Bath Bombs

If you have a bath tub – I highly suggest you use it! I love epsom salt baths, or luxurious soaks like this one at the end of the day. It’s relaxing, good for your muscle aches and gives me time alone to just close my eyes, reflect, breathe deep and relax without any screens. I love my baths! Sometimes the simplest of things that really promote our wellness are already in our home, we just need to make the time for it.

Ice Roller

I get hormonal headaches, as well as sinus pressure during allergy season (anyone else?) and so these ice rollers are amazing! You pop them in the freezer and then whenever you’re experiencing pain, take it out and roll it over your face, temples, jaw etc. for relief! It feels so good. I usually apply peppermint essential oil on my neck and temples and then do this before taking pain relief meds. I try to avoid medication as much as possible, and most times I can naturally relieve my tension by doing this.

Weighted Blanket

These feel amazing! The blanket applies a gentle pressure stimulation over you and is supposed to relax your nervous system. So, if you’re having trouble sleeping, anxious, restless legs or just feeling low, tuck yourself under one of these and you’ll notice a difference! I love these!

Bath Tub Caddy

It’s nice to have a glass of water and a book sometimes in the bath, so this caddy comes in hand!

Oil Diffuser

I have loved essential oils for years and diffusing! Right now with my allergies lavender, lemon and peppermint mixed together have been on repeat (helping so much). This beautiful stone oil diffuser is now on sale on Sephora! As for oils, some of my faves are Young Living, Saje Wellness and Vitruvi!

Himalayan Salt Lamp

I love these lamps because they add a calming light to the room, but they also claim to reduce electromagnetic radiation (they say to place it in a room with a lot of tech/screens) and purify the air! They add a soft, warm candle light glow to any room and just make me feel more relaxed.

Electric Heating Pad

I can’t live without this! Whether you’re having monthly cramps, stomachaches, back pain etc. applying some heat therapy is so helpful and relieving! They’re not expensive and you just plug it in whenever you need to (no need for a hot water bottle warmer) with different heat settings to adjust to your preference. You can find them at Walmart or Amazon!