I recently read that as a bridal skincare ritual, the Japanese like to soak Facial Treatment Masks everyday for more than 90 days prior to the wedding day. With my own wedding to plan, I’ve been on a kick to change up my skincare (even though we are months away from the big day — it’s never too early!). My latest obsession in the beauty department has been sheet masks. I’m no a stranger to these absurd looking masks (you straight up look like you’re the star of a horror flick), but ever since Sephora came out with their own line, I’ve been hooked! I’ve introduced these masks into my rotation 1-2 times a week as a little treatment and love how my skin feels after I use them. After I take off the mask I’ll usually squeeze out any leftover product that is still soaked into the sheet and press it into my skin before I go to bed or before a big event. I’ve even used them on long flights (read more on my in-flight skincare routine here) to lock in moisture. Confession: I may also love these masks even more because they make the funniest snapchat videos to send to friends! Shop my faves below…



My Faves: SK-II Mask | Sephora Pearl Mask | Sephora Lotus Mask | Sephora Pearl Eye Mask


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