Something Neal and I wanted to do before our baby arrived was to update our bedroom as a little treat to ourselves. Being that we haven’t been able to go on a baby-moon or really being able to be out at all (we’ve been in a stay at home order for months and months) as well as knowing how much time we’d be at home with the baby…we decided to just go for it! We managed to stay on a good budget (almost everything is IKEA which is affordable) but it just made such a big difference and we love it!

Our bedroom used to look like this and while it was cozy, the fabric tufted headboard had a lot of dust that would be hard to really get to and we just wanted something more clean, boho and relaxed with the baby coming. We also wanted to warm things up (the grey, black and white felt a little cold) so we went to IKEA and got this great little wooden set, added some curtains finally (we have pull down ones but these fabric ones give it warmth), added some new art and fresh linen bedding! We also set up our snoo bassinet the baby will be sleeping in for the first few months and it fit the vibe perfectly. We will be in this space a lot and we wanted to give it a good refresh for this new season of life as well as make it baby friendly!


Bed: IKEA // Linen Bedding: Maison Tess, similar here too // Mirrors: IKEA // Nightstands: IKEA // Utility Cart (diaper caddy): Can be found at Amazon Canada, Target // Bassinet: SNOO // Curtains: Amazon // Curtain Rod: Amazon // 20×30 Fine Art Print: annawithlove Santorini Church // Frame: Amazon + mat for frame // Moroccan Blanket: Etsy

I got this great idea for this diaper cart from my friend Haley who just had her baby! We already had two of these utility carts under our bar area before we did our kitchen reno so it was great to use it now for something else as they were just sitting in storage. We can wheel it into any room and have it conveniently by our bedside for changes in the night. I just popped our diaper caddy basket on top so I can move that around as well from room to room and it fits perfectly on this utility cart! We also set up our ubbi diaper pail in our room and the peanut changer.

This fine art photo print is such a special piece, because not only is it from my best friend’s incredible shop but it’s also a personal photograph of the church rooftop we got engaged on in Santorini back in 2015! We love having elements of faith-based pieces all around our home as well.

This wall used to be empty and I just added command hooks to hang for a fun statement that ties into the boho vibe!

We love our Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool Humidifier (will definitely come in handy for when baby is here as well). We never go to bed without turning this on! This is also Lucy’s favourite window to stalk dogs from, haha.

Now all we need is our bebe to arrive to complete this cozy room! Two weeks to go… 🙂