One of my favourite combos right now is Blush + Gold! You’ve probably noticed this in the latest SS Print Shop collection. Inspired by one of my dresses, seen here, I even have a pinterest board dedicated to the two hues.

I decided it was time for some more nail play on the blog. I am still a huge fan of the “statement” nail, and even love it bumped up to the right, from the ring finger, now to the index finger. I bought these Martha Stewart glitters on sale at Michael’s over a year ago and decided it was time to put them to use again. All I did was apply two coats of a milky pink polish (Butter London “Teddy Girl”) to my nails. Then on my ring fingers, I sprinkled gold glitter on the select nail, over a bowl to catch the fall out. Ta-Da! THAT simple. Enjoy my little pin-spiration below…

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Speaking of pink & gold, I just about died when I saw my sweet friend Shay’s office reveal yesterday (love this girl)! I felt so flattered to see not one, but two #ssprintshop pieces hanging out in there. We share a very strong love for gold, clearly. So basically, you need to hop on over to her blog right now and check out all the pretty happening there today! Happy Thursday my sweets.

Photo c/o © Shalyn Nelson