You can win this delightful chevron tote bag & glittery heart pin accessory
courtesy of one of my favourite boutiques, Blush Shop today!
I love that this pin can add a punch to any bag, coat, top or scarf and I
fall in love with anything that incorporates a little chevron detail, don’t you?

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Visit the Blush Boutique:
38 Quebec Street
Guelph, Ontario
All photos curteousy of Β© Blush Shop

I just had to share my love for something else Blush-y.
I can’t even take how adorable & genius this idea is. Blush On Wheels (also known as BOW)
is a chic shopping experience that comes to you. I feel like I need BOW in my driveway every
weekend! How perfect is this for an event!? BOW is just a little extension of
the beautiful boutique and on-line store: blushshop.ca, taking that experience and
putting it on wheels. I just love the aesthetic of Blush, I’ve never seen a boutique merchandise
quite as creatively as they do. The trolleys remind me of something
you’d see luggage swirled around on at the Ritz Paris.
There is so much attention to detail & I have so much appreciation for that.
Blush made me realize I totally need a glittered hanger like this one.
See what I mean? I truly think they are doing something really great!

Take a peek inside BOW:

One word: AMAZING!