I am a firm believer of putting importance in to packaging. For quick projects people often use on-line databases to send photographs to their clients, which is a great, fast and effective tool, don’t get me wrong! I also think however, in addition, when someone purchases a fine art piece such as photographs, I believe it should be treated with extra love. That is why I love doing these packages for my clients, they are so good to me & I just want to return the favour back to make them feel just how special these photographs and prints are.

In a box filled with paper shred, I provide a flash drive with all the photographs downloaded and ready to go. I packaged this in a muslin bag, adorned with my custom stamp I designed myself (will discuss this in another part of the series soon). Also included: a personal, hand-written thank you note to the client, business info, some sweet treats and the prints all wrapped with colourful twine and a chalkboard label to address the client. I place the prints at the bottom in a protected seal, and add another personalized touch by stamping the label and back of all the prints. I then place the paper shred and the rest of the contents on top. It almost feels like a gift that never ends. Different pockets, envelopes and digging required, I like anticipation and making the experience feel like Christmas morning! It’s so important to get your clients excited about what they invested in. I am a pretty easily excitable person, I get excited for everything, even the smallest of things, so I just love it when I can please others in this way.

I wanted the colours to stick to my scheme of black and white and just add colourful accents for some character. I kept the look of it rustic and quirky. This is my first phase of packages and an example of the most recent one I have done. As I grow as a person and as a business, I hope to perfect them. Customized usb sticks are next on my to-do list, keeping all of the branding consistent. I am already thinking of new ways to improve this piece of my business, as I believe it is an important one!

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be bringing you more branding tips & ideas, that I have found to be effective.

Stay tuned for the next instalment!