Say hello to my little inspiration board above! This week I’ll be introducing the branding series. As a Communications major in University, I have learned the value in representing your business on multiple media channels and most importantly in person. A strong on-line presence is just as important as how you conduct and represent your business in person. Branding is a tool to represent who you are, as well as your style and it also motivates your clients. It is about creating an experience. As someone apart of the creative working class, branding has become particularly exciting for me. I love the look on a client’s face when I give them their photography packages. I loved developing a design, a classic clean colour scheme for my website. I am currently in the works of some future branding projects, I am a strong believer in packaging! I think it makes the contents inside that much more enjoyable. I can say that some of my favourite companies I am loyal to, are the ones who care enough to make the experience as enjoyable as the actual product/service itself. Stay tuned as this week I will reveal my photography packaging, and other projects I have been working on in the rest of the series, as they are being completed!

Inspiration Board Photos


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