I love the feeling spring evokes. Renewal in both nature and ourselves after a cold winter. I could not be more thrilled to enter warmer temps and revisit simple little pleasures like taking walks outside (I also love riding my bike), lady-like dresses and picking up beautiful blooms that are in season (I always get giddy for peonies). I also love getting my annual ombre done (I can’t quit it), I give my hair a break from the dye for a year, but come Spring I always go lighter. I’m using this and this as my “hair-spiration” this year. Where fashion is concerned I am a spring-time cliche and opt for plenty of pastels. This skirt, these shoes, and a little bit of this polish are sure to make you feel like a lady. Of course, my love for stripes never goes unnoticed (in any season for that matter). Thanks for reading! xoxo