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Before I got pregnant, I actually made the switch to cleaner skincare to reduce the toxins in my body. I always had an interest, but now I was focused on fully switching over my routine in order to not disrupt my hormones/body so I could conceive. Reading more on this in WomanCode, there are ingredients in products that can disrupt your endocrine system (see my fertility tips blogpost here). Now that I am pregnant, what I put in and on my body is just as important to me! I’ve learned so much about products and I also used this website called 15 Minute Beauty as my resource to finding out what would be safe to use from my favourite brands — it’s amazing and frequently updated! This website also explains what ingredients to look out for, what makes a product *clean* as well as what’s not safe (as well as the products that are safe) to use during pregnancy and nursing as well.

Here are my current loves and essentials in my routine for skin and body care…


Summer Fridays Overtime Mask – I felt more texture in my skin during early pregnancy because of hormonal changes and wearing actual face masks when I had to go to appointments or run errands so this exfoliating mask came in handy! I love that it smells a little pumpkiny and it was still gentle but I definitely felt like it made a difference.

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask – Being pregnant in the winter and staying home as much as possible during a pandemic, your skin can get really dry! You’re also way more dehydrated when you become pregnant and even though I drank a lot of water, my skin and lips were dry. I loved anything moisturizing for my skin and this mask is great for that. You can wear it overnight!

Tula Detox In A Jar Mask – This is a great mask for decongesting, I broke out on my chin from all the hormones and I loved applying this to get deep down in my pores. You can get 15% off with my code: STEPHJOLLY (currently only ships to USA).


Drunk Elephant Jelly Cleanser – This has been my cleanser for years now and I love it! It’s purifying, removes dirt and makeup really well and it’s not harsh on my skin. I always feel super clean using this and haven’t switched from it!


Tatcha Dewy Face Cream – This has been my ultimate during the colder months, I switch to the water cream in the summer because it’s lighter but still very hydrating. It gives you a dew and works great as a makeup base as well!

Kora Organics Face Oil – This oil is packed with nutrients for your skin to really nourish it and I love adding 1-2 drops in my moisturizer at night to really soak and drench my skin in goodness.

Tula 24/7 Day & Night Moisturizer – This is a nice thick white cream for ultra hydration! You can use it day or night and it’s formulated with probiotics. I’ve loved and used this for years as well! Use my code: STEPHJOLLY for a discount (currently only ships to USA)!

Under Eyes

Kora Organics Eye Oil – Rolling this under my eyes feels amazing! It smoothes, tones and brightens your under eye area and feels so nourishing for those fine lines. I even roll some on some forehead wrinkles of mine!

Tula Glow & Get It Cooling and Brightening Balm – I haven’t slept through the night since I’ve been pregnant (between waking up to eat or pee, haha) so this balm feels so good in the morning. It cools to de-puff your under eyes and has a subtle glow that brightens you up. I think it looks beautiful when you’re fresh faced with no makeup to give you a little “something” and pick up your mood! Love it when I’m tired in the mornings!


Bite Beauty Agave Lip Scrub – One thing I didn’t expect when I got pregnant were dry, cracked lips! Combined with winter, I kept having dry lips. The only thing that helped was scrubbing with this and then applying the lip therapy after. It works wonders!

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Therapy – I use this every night to nourish my lips and help them from getting dry or cracked. It’s also really glossy which I love!!

Summer Fridays Lip Butter Cream – This smells amazing, nourishes your lips and gives them the prettiest glossy glow! I’ve been wearing this in a lot of my bump pics rather than lipstick!


Nécessaire Body Lotion – Fragrances can really trigger you while you’re pregnant and so I love that this line has many fragrance free options while also being a clean product to use all over my body!

Nécessaire Body Serum – This serum is packed with vitamins and really firms up your skin (which I’ve been trying to do while pregnant) so I add a few pumps of this to my body lotion and mix it together to glide over my legs, hips, stomach, booty, arms — you name it!

Nécessaire Body Wash – Something about this Eucalyptus scented body wash always makes me feel like I’m having a spa-experience in the shower. They have a fragrance free option if you’re sensitive during your pregnancy as well!

Bio-Oil – The famous oil everyone uses while pregnant (for a good reason). I get a two-pack from costco and love using this! I put it on my belly every morning!

Primally Pure Deodorant – I switched to natural deodorant in 2019 permanently and have not strayed. Primally Pure is by far hands down my favourite brand and formula, I’m a huge fan of the lavender and charcoal ones. They feel and work as close to regular drugstore deodorant and it actually works! Use my code: JOLLY10 to get 10% off your order. You can read more about my favourite clean products from this organic line in this blogpost.