A very much requested video has been an updated closet organization/tour and it worked out perfectly as I filmed transitioning my closet from “summer” to more fall and winter pieces. Watch down below…

Tip #1: Style your pieces without cluttering shelves and vignettes to give it a “boutique” feel. Display your shoes and bags like pieces of art! I like adding elements like faux flowers, candles and fashion books as well for styling.

Tip #2: Buy all of the same hangers so everything looks seamless and part of a set. I find my closet looks messy when I’ve mixed different ones and even though everything is hung, it doesn’t look neat if they’re not matching. A small little update like that makes a huge difference with your closet is open concept like mine or behind closed doors! The other thing would be to hang and sort everything by colour to make it easier to find what you’re looking for and it’s pretty on the eye.

Tip #3: Purchase drawer inserts so everything has a place and just like the clothes, organize by colour (it looks aesthetically pleasing and it’s a good system for finding your products easier). I learned this from watching The Home Edit!

Tip #4: Store away your seasonal clothing that way it’s easier to pull outfits together. I do this twice a year, once in the spring (so I pull spring and summer) and another time setting up my fall and winter wardrobe. Use bins to label everything so you can easily access pieces you may need for a trip or change of weather.