I’ll admit, I am not into scary movies — like at all. A little Disney movie that’s light and funny (I’m obsessed with Hocus Pocus) I can get with! In the “spirit” of Halloween, I like to keep things light, cute and cozy (right down to costumes) and thought it would be fun to share my tips on how to have a cozy movie night in. My days of trick or treating are long over, and I am not the partying type, so this is more of my speed. If you’ve read my blog for a while, you know Etsy is my go-to for themed parties, decorating and styling the home in general. I love supporting local Canadian sellers and everything mentioned below was carefully selected from different shops all over the country!


I love having decorative pillows and soft throw blankets to cuddle up on the couch. They make your space feel layered with texture and these chunky knit throws are so warm! They’re beautifully handmade and come in so many colours. Pillows are a great way to decorate for any season by finding zip covers you can switch up.

Etsy Sellers: Luxury Knit Blanket by Mama Knows Luxury // Fall Pumpkin Pillow Cover


On a cold, fall evening while the moon is shining bright (I sound like a spooky story, don’t worry I’ll tone it down…), I love some hot apple cider in a cute mug (see I told you I’d tone it down)! Adding some cinnamon sticks in there as well makes for more flavour and a pretty touch (especially when I am hosting). I’m kind of a mug collector, I love finding ones for different seasons and Etsy has so many options from custom designs to cheeky sayings. I’m a huge fan of pumpkin spice, so this Hello Pumpkin mug is perfect for my mornings as well.


What is a movie night without the snacks!? We admittedly buy Halloween candy and eat it ourselves – never too old for that. We get popcorn, I love candy corn and Neal’s vice is chocolate. It’s the one night in the year I don’t mind rotting my teeth, haha!


To get you into the season, having elements like pumpkins (love the calligraphy on this one from this Etsy seller) and a fun letter board with “spooky” quotes can bring elements of this fun holiday inside. Again, you can decorate for Halloween (and have it still feel more updated than kid-friendly). We don’t have kiddos yet, so we keep it toned down, but my favourite thing about Halloween as a child was when my dad would bring up the box from the basement and we’d decorate all around and outside the house! I think that’s why a part of me still loves to decorate for Halloween even as an adult, because it reminds me of those good memories.


To make your movie night extra cozy or “spooky” turn off all the lights and just have candles on. I love these scented, hand poured candles from Hamilton, Ontario seller “TheFragranceLab” on Etsy. They smell so good and festive (with scents like “Sweater Weather” and “Witch’s Cauldron”). I also love fairy lights because they make any night a little bit more magical when they’re twinkling.

Etsy Sellers: Fairy Lights // The Fragrance Lab Candles


If you’re having friends over for a movie night, ask them to dress up! You guys can DIY your costumes and make it something fun. Since it was just us this night, we dressed up Lucy in this fox snood (it’s the rent she pays for living here for free, haha). Jack Russell’s are known for hunting fox, but we’re going to teach her all about loving her fox friends!

Thank You to Etsy Canada for partnering on this post. All opinions are my own.