One of the things I think gets most overlooked before applying makeup, is well-prepped skin! When I used to do freelance makeup on others (back in the day!), I would always make sure to prime the skin and prep it for makeup application. Over the years, getting so overwhelmed with pore blurs, primers, facial spray etc. I wanted to get simple with my routine, but also use something that would help my makeup last for hours. As most of you know, I’ve been working with Olay for the past few months and have fallen in love with their Total Effects Whip moisturizer. After I’ve cleansed my skin in the morning, I apply my Olay Total Effects Whip moisturizer all over my face and it soaks in instantly (never feels greasy and you never have to wait for it to dry). Hydrating your skin properly is so vital for getting your makeup to look good! I use a mineral powder foundation for my everyday look, as it is light and still looks and feels like my skin. I don’t wear heavy makeup on a daily basis, I just like to look fresh and enhance! I love the look of dewy skin, so whenever I use the Total Effects Whip moisturizer, I feel like my makeup looks illuminated – It’s such an amazing combo together.

After I apply my powder, I just quickly touch up my face with concealer. An extra step I’ll take if I’m shooting looks for the blog (which I usually do everyday) is contour. I love using cream sticks, and again having a hydrating base with a good moisturizer (my Olay Total Effects Whip) makes blending a dream!

I apply a swirl of vanilla eyeshadow, swipe of mascara, fill in the brows, a pop of blush and my classic nude lip to finish off the look! I like having a simple and easy routine that’s fail proof, long lasting and keeps my skin healthy. The Olay Total Effects Whip moisturizer gives the ultimate nourishment to your skin without it feeling heavy, while also enhancing brightness, visibly smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and minimizing pores. I never feel like I need to add a primer to my skin, I literally just use this and go right into my makeup — love that!

You can now buy your own Olay Whips moisturizers as they’re on shelves now!

Thank You to Olay for partnering on this post.