In any healthy relationship, conflict arises and how you handle and deal with conflict is just as important. Neal and I aren’t perfect, no matter how much we love and respect each other, we disagree, we argue and we have conflict. For some background, Neal and I have been together for 12 years and married for almost 4. We’ve dated through our late teen years, got married in our mid 20’s and are now entering our 30’s this year. Naturally, our styles of handling conflict has changed over the years (thankfully for the better), but we are not strangers to seeking help from mentors, pastors or counsellors when we needed it. In our podcast episode, we’ll talk about:

a) The communication tools that have helped us reach resolution quicker. This includes some of rules of engagement and tips to managing conflict in a way that isn’t going to be hurtful, damaging or escalate further.

b) Who to trust with mentoring your marriage or involving in your relationship and the issues you are working through. We have some opinions regarding airing your dirty laundry out to others who may not know the best way to guide you and perhaps make things worse or change their perception of your spouse.

c) Our thoughts on couples therapy — who we think it’s for, when to go and what we really think about it.

d) Grace-filled approached to understanding one another, reconnecting, noticing trends or outer influences that could be distressing your relationship and healthy boundaries.

If you’re interested in hearing our story, we’ll be getting quite transparent in this episode and our shortcomings, as well as how we have worked through the various challenges we’ve had in our own relationship. We have so much to learn, but we have noticed such an improvement in communication and in our marriage when applying these best practices. So, if we can encourage anyone out there today going through a rough patch or you just want some tips on how to communicate better/resolve things quicker with your spouse, tune in…

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