There is nothing I appreciate more than a clean desktop to work on. If you’re like me, you probably can’t concentrate unless your room/office is in order. When I really have to focus and work away at something for hours (i.e., studying for my exams), I first have to clear out all the clutter. It’s very simple, when everything around you is a mess, your mind feels like one too! Now, no deceiving here, I can get away with my room being a disaster most days too (especially during fashion week — it feels like I am cleaning up after a tsunami). If I can’t get to all the areas of my room, I make sure to at least have my desktop neat and tidy so I can get things done more effectively. To say this week will be busy is the understatement of the year, so I’m sticking by these words:
“Decide today, to put an end to the frustration, discouragement and stress that drains your energy!”

Table: Ikea Art Desk

Agenda: Kate Spade

Journal: Chapters/Indigo

Gold Paper Clips: Staples

Gold Bowl: Anthropologie (& here)