When this girl & I get together, it’s straight up shenanigans. Lot’s of gold, lot’s of glitter & confetti (of course). We have too much fun. This girl? Tiffany Pratt! — she is the sparkle of all trades (crafter, designer, decorator, stylist, teacher the list goes on, she’s filled with skills). I had a chance to visit her home (aka THE GLITTER SUITE). Now, I’m going to pause right here in this post and redirect you to her feature in Rue Magazine just so you can gather all the amazing that exists there {insert jaw dropping here}.

Did you see it? Did you die? Amazing right? So anyways, we had a lady date to do our nails & giggle, and this is basically the result of that. We did a Steph’s Way / Tiff’s Way approach to this, which you can view Tiff’s approach to glitter-ifying your nails over on her fabulous blog! You will have too much fun there guys, get ready for a colour party when you hop on over. Let’s get to it…

Firstly, you and your friend need to slap on some glitter hair extension clip-ons. Yes, apparently these things do exist, and Tiff had a few on hand on her shelf of amazingness. This gets the party started, for reals. The end result of the nails should look something like so:

1. Paint your nails your colour of choice, I love white as a base for confetti to pop on, but I only had a light mint colour on me, so that is what I used. The key is, use what you have! No need to spend extra dollas for this DIY friends.
2. After that is dry, you can pluck all of your favourite colours to use for the confetti party to ensue on your nail.
3. Use the back of a pin and dip it generously on the nail polish brush to adhere some colour. Scatter dots on your nail as you wish. I chose to only do this on one nail, but I think it would look equally as delicious on every single one!
4. Continue applying and layering dots – perfection is not what I went for, confetti is messy so just have fun. Glitter was all over my hands as well after Tiffany did her fabulous fingers!
That’s that! Here is a peek at Tiff’s, head on over to her blog for the complete tutorial…