This DIY project is something I have wanted to do for a while now, as I wanted to add some character to my business cards. This process is called “edge painting” and while most letterpress companies offer this service, it is just as easy to do it on your own at home. It shows up best when applied to thicker cards/paper.

All you have to do is stack your business cards neatly on a covered surface. I protected my table in the basement with newspaper and then placed an old piece of cardboard on top. It’s important to spray in a well ventilated area, which is why I chose the basement. I neatly positioned all the business cards, making sure none were sticking out and only the edges were exposed. To protect the top card, I cut out a piece of paper to cover it. I placed a heavy material on top, you can use a rock, old paper weight etc. to hold everything in place during painting. Then all that was left to do was spray paint all around the edges. Let it dry for 10 minutes, and voila!

Where spray paint is concerned, I advise you to pick one up from an art store. I went to my local Curry’s Art Supply Store, and they had a gorgeous selection of colours, from lilac, to neon, to metallic. I would just love to do my next batch in a peach, or turquoise! I decided on gold this time, as I think it looked the most classic with my signature black & white design. This was such an easy and fun project, I just wanted to edge paint everything that day. You can do this with prints, notebooks, invitations etc. as well, using the same type of process I described here.

Stay tuned for more tips & ideas in the next installment of Stephanie Sterjovski’s Branding Series!