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I saw this beautiful idea on Pinterest to create a little Resurrection Garden for Easter! During Holy Week, I try to spend intentional time with the Lord, whether that’s more quiet time, worship music, crafts or ways I can serve/bless others. This would be such a sweet gift to drop off to someone that could use this message of hope or to have in your own home to reflect on the powerful, historical Resurrection of Christ. I found most of my supplies at the dollar store and my local garden centre.

How I created this…

To save me time and not get my hands dirty while pregnant, I asked the garden centre to pot my plants for me! I got “baby tears” and “pansies” because I wanted it to look like a real garden. I love how these two combined looked together. You could get colourful florals, ivy, whatever you like! These flowers I chose require lots of sun, so I place this pot on my kitchen counter (where we get a lot of sunshine through our windows) and water once a week. I also give them a spray of water mist every other day to keep them moist. Having the rocks on top also keeps moisture in the soil which helps the plants thrive. This should last 3 months, so it’s perfect for a beautiful spring arrangement to display in your home.

We created a “tomb” with the stone rolled back with a mini concrete pot from the dollar store (we found one that had mini crosses on it too!) and I also got a pack of these “inspirational” stones with words on them like “hope” and “believe.” Then I filled in the empty spaces with this beautiful set of natural looking stones all around it from my local dollarama as well.

The final touch and easiest piece would be the crosses! I went to my parent’s yard and cut 6 branches (to make 3 crosses) that were thin. I made sure two were shorter than the main cross as you can see in the visual. Then all you have to do is glue gun them together and stick it in the soil. You can also add your own touches! A lamb figurine, a linen cloth to the cross, anything you like to personalize it. We had so much fun working on this during Palm Sunday and we said we want to re-create one every year and even have our daughter participate when she’s a bit older to make her own mini ones. It’s such a fun craft and a beautiful piece to display during Holy Week.

See the reel video I made for my Instagram here!

Praying over your Holy Week and that it would be blessed and special this year. You are so loved and worthy, Christ died for you 🙂

Peace & Grace,