Forget hot girl summer, it’s all about hot dog summer over here! Trying to keep our high energy girl cool, happy and entertained this season as best as we can. Lucy *ahem, her mommy* put together this list of a few things we’ve been loving. I know so many dog mamas will find these tips and products as helpful as we have discovering them along the way…

Neem Dog Shampoo // Donut Bed // Kibble Bubble // Tie Dye Hoodie // BARK Dog Toy // Ari&M Dog Bandana // Portable Water Bottle // Kong Squeaky Balls // Weekender Pet Backpack // Leather Dog Collar // Rifle Paper Co. Toy // Amazon Rope Toy Set

A few reasons why we love some of these products…

Neem Shampoo // Lucy gets allergies and itchy skin, thankfully we’ve been able to figure it out with her diet and some meds, but I still sometimes have to keep a shirt on her so she doesn’t rip at her skin! She loves the Canada Pooch ones and it gives her nice relief. The shampoo has a combo of coconut, olive and neem oils – neem being great for itchy, irritated skin with hot spots and it also helps to repel ants, ticks and mosquitoes! It deodorizes her skin and leave her coat really soft! We give her baths outside in the summer and this seems to be really great for her. I love using more natural products on our Lu!

Kibble Bubble // Lucy is not a fan of other dogs, so much so we turn right around the other way when we see one on the street! She was socialized right from the start and we even seeked professional dog obedience help from multiple people, all of them saying your dog just doesn’t like dogs *haha, thankfully she loves humans.* Oh man! So…we have to get creative on our walks and one of the distraction tools we do is by showing her a treat to redirect her on the walk. I’d always wear a pouch and pop the treats in a ziplock but to avoid plastic waste, as well as getting crumbs all up in my pouch, this silicone little bubble stores them and you just open the slit to get one out. It’s super handy because it’s got a keychain you can put on your keys, pouch or attach to the leash. Brilliant!

Portable Water Bottle // This is another great find that stores water AND kibble/treats. If we are going to someone’s yard or taking her with us to run errands, we bring this along so she’s always got water and emergency food for dinner in case we are out longer than expected. It comes with a strap you can put around your wrist as well! If you like to hike or do longer walks along trails with your dog, definitely pick one of these up!

Cooling Mat // I don’t know about your dog, but mine LOVES to sun bathe. She could be out there all day, but you have to be really careful or else that can result in heat stroke, diarrhea, dehydration etc. We always have a water bowl on our patio and when it’s just too hot we don’t let her stay outside for long. But! If the day isn’t so bad, and you’re spending a few hours outdoors it’s nice to have one of these cooling mats your dog can sit on that will help regulate their temperature. Especially if the floor is really hot, this will protect their skin and body from overheating. Always monitor your dog in this heat!