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Home should be your sanctuary. You set the temperature and mood for what you want to live there. Is the heart of your home warm or cold? A place of rest, peace, unity, laughter and relaxation is what we aim for. Being intentional about the space you create is so important to achieving this. Working from home, we spend a lot of time in this space and so we’ve found better ways to make use of our condo to serve us over the years. I’m sharing a few of my easy to apply tips that you can do to achieve more “serenity” in your place!


First things first, and this is something I always have to work on in a small space is to keep the floors, walls, shelves and space clear. There’s nothing that produces more chaos and mental cloudiness than when your place is a mess. Taking 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes before you settle in for the evening just to do a little tidy up can help you keep up the maintenance and not let things get totally out of control. I know when we’re in really busy seasons we can completely let this place go. Staying on top of the mess, cleaning schedule, laundry etc. can feel like a full-time job because we are ALWAYS in this space and our jobs require a lot of our hours and energy! The best thing for us is to constantly purge (closets, cupboards, shelves etc.) and create some margin and empty space. I don’t recommend filling up every wall and corner with things or art. You’ll feel like it’s cluttered, even when it’s clean! Design with this in mind and you can always store things away and switch it up the next season. Leave room for your physical and mental space to breathe. A clear countertop (not too many appliances) is something my husband and I always need. It takes up a huge part of our condo, so even just keeping this tidy and clear makes such a difference!


When we first moved in together, we wanted our bedroom to almost feel like a “hotel.” Simple, clean and minimal. We’ve added some cozy touches over the years, but our motto is still the same. Keep it simple. This is the most important room to keep serene, because you want to promote the best sleep! Have artwork or personal photos that make you happy, add a plant or some fresh flowers, choose comfortable and soft bedding. Choosing soft colours is also important, we just went for a very neutral palette.


I love plants. Call me a crazy plant lady, but I love em. The more the better I say! I grew up with plants all over the home and loved watering them growing up. Sometimes I’d overwater them and kill them (oops). They’re great for cleaning the air in your home, decorating and overall promote a really relaxing vibe! Even if it’s just some fresh flowers on your kitchen table, you’ll just feel happy seeing some nature in your space (especially during the winter).

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Keep your “style” and palette streamline. I have found that knowing what your home vibe is makes it easier to shop for decor and overall looks pleasing to the eye. We were really modern and minimal when we first moved in and overtime we’ve brought in a more cozy, new boho type of style. Think natural textures, moroccan rugs and blankets, poufs, tassels and plants.


This is probably the key to making your place feel serene and relaxing. Neal and I love lighting candles (especially in the winter months) when it’s gloomy in the morning and especially when the sun goes down in the evening. We also go for good quality, soy candles that are healthier for you to inhale. There are a lot of chemicals in a lot of candles, so be sure to do your research and reach for ones made with essential oils and soy wax. If you’re not into candles, try a Himalayan salt lamp! These are said to cleanse/deodorize the air, neutralize electromagnetic radiation, improve sleep and more with their warm illumination. We have ours on most of the day and especially in the evening and the warm glow is definitely relaxing.

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If you want your home to feel like a serene space, it’s important to intentionally set it up that way. We have a very open concept and like to layer throw blankets, pillows, cozy rugs and a comfortable couch to promote that! We always give our guests a throw blanket when they’re hanging out on the couch and they loooove it. Sometimes they don’t want to leave, haha. It’s also about creating nooks to read and rest.


Another great substitute for candles or harsh air fresheners (that are filled with a lot of chemicals) is to use oil diffusers! They make your home smell great and there are a lot of health benefits to diffusing certain essential oils. In the winter you can diffuse decongesting blends (like eucalyptus and peppermint). We usually have a citrus scent diffusing (liquid sunshine from Saje Wellness is our fave).

These tips are so easy to apply, even if you implement one or two, you’re on your way to creating a more peaceful, calm and serene space! xoxo