Hey loves! This has been a much requested video through my Instagram polls so I finally filmed it (before it was officially fall) and now that it is, I hope it gives you some ideas. As mentioned my full turkey chili recipe is saved on my Instagram Highlights under the “Chili” bubble! When I work from home, I usually just start with a light breakfast or drink and then a hearty lunch. I kept it real, some days I’m good and have a healthier/balanced day, and some days I eat ice cream out of the tub (lol).

I’ll be filming my “Morning Routine” for you all next so you can see more breakfast ideas, the vitamins I take daily, how I get ready for the day and what I do to practice gratitude and start the day off right! Excited for that one.

Let me know if you’d like to see more food diaries like this in the comments below or on the video! xoxo

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