MOOD BOARD via Pinterest

Next month we’re off to Europe again (I can’t wait — it’s my favourite place to be) and I have already started planning my wardrobe. I did a little on-line shopping and I need to do another pull in the next few weeks before we jet off, but the planning is part of the fun. Whenever I plan outfits for a trip I always keep the destination in mind (the above mood board might give you some hints) and try to envision myself in those places. I have to curate like this for blog shoots but also because we love taking photographs and dressing up on trips (I did this even before I became a blogger).

I’m also changing up my hair this week so I’m keeping that in mind as well! I know that may sound silly, but my style changes whenever I switch up my hair. Of course I love what I love and stay true to those pieces, but I like freshening it up as seasons change. This is probably going to be my last dramatic change for the rest of the year (I know I always say that, but I mean it this time) and one i’ve wanted to do again (yes, I’ve had this style before).

Below is what I’ve bought for this trip or have in my current shopping cart…


For a European summer, I love dresses and skirts. I tend to dress in more feminine, delicate pieces when I’m there. A great swimsuit is a must (because I love being in the Mediterranean sea or hanging out at the hotel pool). The beach robe above makes it a little more chic as well! Gold necklaces for layering go with casual tees and beautiful with dresses, otherwise I keep my jewelry pretty minimal. I might bring some fun earrings dinner! A net bag for the market is a must for me! I love, love, love going to the local markets and picking up fresh fruit to take as a snack to the beach. It tastes so much better in Europe! This one is easy to throw in your luggage and pack.

I think I’ll do a “packing list” post before I go in case you’re jetting off to Europe too if you find that helpful, for now these are the pieces I am loving! Are you going anywhere this summer? Let me know down below!