It’s been a while since I’ve shared my skin routine with you all, and since my skin has changed over the years, so have the products I use! I’d have to say my evening routine is a lot more luxurious than daytime (still very simple though). The reason for that is there is a lot happening with our skin at night: like cell turnover and regeneration. Applying the right products for your skin is so important, especially before bed, because of this reason! Before I get into the routine, it might be helpful to understand what my skin is like (and if yours is similar, these might work for you). I have very dehydrated skin that is prone to breakouts, so finding products that hydrate without causing acne was a challenge for me. A few things have contributed to breakouts in my adult life: diet, cosmetics, stress, hormones, irritating or touching blemishes – all of that fun stuff! Winter is especially tough on my skin, but if I’m in the sun, or soaking in the ocean salt water in a warm climate, all of my skin issues are cured. Since I live in Canada and not on a tropical beach, I’ve had to figure out a solution that would work for me. I feel like I finally have a grip on things with the products I’m about to share all from Sephora, so let’s dive in!

PHILOSOPHY Clear Days Ahead Oil-Free Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment Cleanser

First up, I begin my evening routine with a clean canvas. I wash my first layer of makeup off with organic coconut oil which melts everything off my face and prepped for my medicated cleanser. I use Philosophy’s acne treatment cleanser with my Clarisonic for a really nice deep clean. I’ve been using this for this past couple of months, and I am hooked! It does a great job at really cleaning my face, but it doesn’t feel stripped of any moisture that I still need in my skin.


Sunday Riley LUNA Sleeping Night Oil

After this your face is prepped and ready for it to soak in a really nice serum/oil. I switch between two and alternate each week so my skin doesn’t get used to one product and stop responding well. I’ll use my Sunday Riley LUNA Sleeping Night Oil when my skin is very irritated (aka that time of the month), and it’s been amazing for my complexion (especially scarring — it’s a less irritating formula than retinol). The other one I love is Ole Henriksen’s Invigorating Night Transformation Gel for dark spots, uneven texture and wrinkles. I massage this in and really let my skin soak it up before applying my next step…

Ole Henriksen’s Invigorating Night Transformation Gel


Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream

This next product feels like my skin is taking a nice big gulp of water and I am obsessed!! Moisturizers have been so tricky for me in the past because a lot of them break me out — not this one by Sunday Riley! It’s packed with hyaluronic aid so your skin is hydrated and looking youthful, plumped and glowing. It brightens the appearance of my hyper pigmentation and dark spots, and I love that when I wake up, my skin feels moisturized still! It’s pricey, but so worth the splurge especially if you’ve had a challenge with finding the right level of hydration for your skin in a product that won’t make your break out.


Tarte Maracuja C-Brighter Eye Treatment

Next up, eye cream! So important for your night time routine to fight signs of aging. I’ve been sensitive to many eye creams in the past, but this formula has a cleaner ingredient list than most of the others out there and does an amazing job at hydrating, brightening and tightening my delicate skin. I have very dark circles under the eyes (thanks to my mediterranean genes) so the high dose of pure Vitamin C in this cream really helps them appear brighter!

Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment 

Lastly (for my face), I swipe on this ultra hydrating lip treatment from Fresh that conditions the lips (mine tend to get dry and sometimes even cracked when I’ve been on airplanes). It’s easy to skip this step, but I’ve noticed a huge difference in my lips since incorporating this into my routine. Lips are as delicate as the eyes, and it’s so important to treat them good!

Sol de Janeiro Acai Body Power Cream

Before I slip under the covers I moisturize my entire body with this Acai Body Cream and “Bum Bum” Cream to keep everything firm! Your skin is your biggest organ, so you can’t forget about the rest of it when you’re off to catch some zzzz.

So, that’s my simple routine I’ve been sticking to for the past two months and I’ve noticed the results already! It usually takes my skin three months to see a difference, but when products are jiving together I notice it right away. I’d love to hear what you are loving because I switch things up every few months, so let me know in the comments below…

Thank You to Sephora for partnering on this post.