Happy Spring! There is so much that I love about this particular season. It’s a new beginning for nature,
and I’d like to think that transfers through to life itself as well. After a long, cold, winter,
it’s so refreshing to see things turn new again. Something new is hitting the shop today! We have roses
growing on SS Print Shop! Not literally…but I am so excited to collaborate again with one of my
favourite photographers, annawithlove on another limited edition piece. We love how y’all responded to
Stop and Smell the Peonies and thought it was time to plant something new! I am definitely the type
of girl that must have fresh flowers always. I would rather spend my money on blooms than bling.

This print is a perfect twist of femininity and elegance. We are so excited to launch our new Roses print
on the first day of spring, and to bring you more goodies on SS Print Shop this month!

I always love working Anna’s beautiful fine art photography prints in to a gallery wall with my prints,

they fit seamlessly as we are both inspired by our love for travel and culture!

Also, we wanted to give a huge thank you to Landeau for being involved in this project!

Share your +Annawithlove Photography prints with the hashtag #AWLxSSPrintShop, we will be reposting our faves!

Visit Anna’s shop here & follow her on Instagram (you will love her colourful world).

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