At the start of each new season I get the urge to change up the decor in our place and fall is one of my favourites. This is the part of homemaking I live for! I might not love to cook or clean, but decorating is my jam (which I draw a lot of joy from). September means you can bring out all of the cozy pieces again that really make your home feel warm and comfortable. You don’t have to make big investments or make drastic changes, just a few of my tips go a long way to changing things up and bringing in those details and touches that embrace the season we are in…

The Living Room

Tribal Diamond Vase // Wooden Tray // Marble Coffee Table // Peach Pumpkin // Floor Pillows // Rug

This area is our cozy space and we try to make it as comfortable as possible (adding textures, pillows, rugs and throw blankets). A really simple way to decorate for fall here would be to add something natural (like a plant), something scented (a new fall candle) and something decorative (the pumpkin). I switched out summer florals/candles for earthy tones that reflect the season and grounded the cool tone marble table with a wooden tray to bring in some natural elements.

Stone Cross: Souvenir from Dubrovnik (watch our travel video here & marriage talk) // Marble Coasters

Lucy loves her stacked floor pillows! She’s always taking naps here and wants to be close to us.

Scented Candles

Butter Pumpkin Candle // Pumpkin Souffle Candle (my #1 fall scent) // Pumpkin Chai Candle

Candles are a great way to add touches of the new season to your space because a) it’ll make your place smell really festive and b) they usually come in cute jars which add to your decor. I have way too many pumpkin scented candles at the moment than I would like to admit (although I exposed myself on Insta-stories, lol).

Stay Home Pillow // Magnolia Pillows // Urban Outfitters Pillows

Do What You Love Mug (on clearance) // I love a good mug collection, we make our own festive drinks (pumpkin spice lattes, chai lattes, flavoured coffees etc.) and I always have whipped cream and cinnamon on hand to make it a little more fancy!


Book Case // White Flag (the coordinates are for the tomb where Jesus was resurrected and love that it’s called a Victory flag – such a beautiful reminder in our place) // Wooden Church Window // Santorini Church Print // Chunky Knit Blanket // Baskets (similar) // Prayer Beads

I always have so much fun transforming our book case up each season! It also serves as great storage. Since we have a lot of books I like to turn them (so I only see the natural colours of the pages and not the colourful book covers — if you want a neutral palette approach). The newest additions here are the wooden church window deco and faux pumpkins and we kept everything else the same so far.

Reading Nooks

A stack of new fall magazines and a good drink is my kind of unwinding. I love intentional magazines like The Magnolia Journal & Relevant Magazine (faith focused). Creating cozy vignettes like this invites you to cuddle under a blanket, grab a good book or magazine and rest. This makes it even more accessible!

Vancouver Candle Co. Diffuser // Alabaster Gospel Books (love how beautiful these are and love flipping through them, it has amazing visuals inside that help you connect to the word)

Entrance Way

Thanksgiving Sign (Michael’s Craft Store, Similar ) // Pumpkins (similar) // Mirror

The entrance is where you and your guests are welcomed into your home and you best believe I have tons of pumpkin scattered! We have this great mirror in our font hall and I leaned this cute sign against it to remember to be thankful in everything. Around the corner we have our console table and a decorative mirror we can have some more fun with as well. I like to stick to plants and pumpkins for fall in these areas and dream of one day having a front porch to decorate every all with but until then, this will do!

Mirror // Pumpkins // Entryway Table 


Magnolia Table Cookbook // Cinnamon Sticks // Local Bakery Box // Spiced Pecan Pumpkin Bread

You won’t catch me baking unless it’s fall/winter, then I’m into making breads, cookies, treats etc. because I love the flavours of the season! I am always re-inspired when it gets chillier outside to bring some comfort into our home. I went and picked up William Sonoma’s Spiced Pecan Pumpkin quick bread mix and some cinnamon sticks/mulled spices for our apple cider nights!

Even the bathroom gets a little touch with a scented candle, soap and this cute little “farmer’s market” basket I picked up from Michael’s Craft store. It also adds storage and cleans up the area which I love!

Hope you enjoyed this post and got some ideas to do some decorating projects of your own this weekend to help you get your home ready for fall! In case you missed it, I posted a video on how we decorated our balcony patio HERE! xoxo