D I Y P O M P O M G A R L A N D :
Gather your supplies (scissors, glue gun, paper, twine & of course, pom poms!).
Print out letters in the word of your choice, I wanted the theme of this to be “joy.”
Cut out your letters and glue gun pom poms in no particular order or colour.
Tape twine to the back of your letters to attach them all and voila!

For part two of fireplace styling I thought it would be fun to bring in some pops of colour! Taking advantage of the beautiful white canvas, I had an opportunity for some colour play. Confetti and candy were huge influences when I designed this Merry & Bright print, so I ran with this theme, incorporating it in many elements. My ultra-creative friend Tiff and I were laughing at how if we were fireplaces, this would be her, and this one would be me! Best of both worlds indeed.

G E T T H E L O O K :

1. Gold Foil Merry & Bright Print via SS PRINT SHOP

2. Cookies c/o ChaptersIndigo

3. Puffin Classics Book Set

4. Sequin Coin Purses via Dollar Store (so fun!)

5. Gift Boxes via Homesense

6. Mason Jars (krylon ballerina pink spray paint)

7. Anthropologie Ornaments