Sweater: Anthropologie // Denim: GRLFRND 

Happy First Sunday of Advent! If you’re new here, my faith is the most important thing to me in this life. I have openly shared my healing through Jesus, guidance He has given me, and my utmost gratitude for what He did for me on the cross. We celebrate Advent to prepare our hearts to receive the King on his day of birth. This year, I am doing a study with She Reads Truth (I shared in this video here) and today is the day it kicks off! I know some of you let me know you picked it up too, so I would love if we could do this together and make this a community thing. I love the SRT app and bible (it’s so beautiful) — these tools help me stay connected and encouraged in the word. I’ll be sharing more on my Instagram stories, so join me there every Sunday for more of my thoughts and journaling!

In the meantime, I loved this article by one of my favourite authors, Ann Voskamp:

Advent is a whole lot more than waiting for Christmas, Advent is a whole lot more than preparing for Christmas —- Advent is ultimately about preparing the way for the Light of Christ in a world dying for light.

Advent is a whole lot more than passively waiting for the King — it’s about participating in the work of the Kingdom of God.


P.S. Last night Neal and I watched, The Case for Christ on Netflix and it was one of the most articulate films I’ve seen about the historical facts about Jesus for new believers who are sceptical. It was an incredible film and I definitely would recommend watching it tonight! xoxo

Watch how I stay centred during the holiday season: