Oversized Shirt: Aritzia (similar) | Leggings: Nordstrom | Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (similar) | Hat: Nordstrom | Bag: Givenchy | Necklace: Etsy 

Good morning babes! Hope you all enjoyed my Fall Faves video I posted yesterday, I’m going to be filming a Fall Makeup Tutorial later this week as well. I’ve been dying to throw on cozy knit sweaters, but its still so hot here in Toronto! I’ve been opting for lighter pieces of clothing like this oversized button-up shirt and leggings. I picked up these leggings during the Nordstrom Sale this summer, and they’ve already been my go-to pants for fall, they’ll look so cute with boots as well!

In other news that’s on my heart, I’ve been sharing more intentional articles on my Instagram stories lately, and a lot of you have been loving them. Love when you guys DM or comment when something I share connects with you, my favourite thing is communicating with my readers! In case you missed it, here are a few I have been loving:

If you’ve had a rough day (week, month, or even year “cue Friends theme song”):

A Simple, Beautiful Prayer To Turn Your Entire Day Around

If you’re struggling with comparison and not feeling “good enough” (fear is a liar):

3 Ways Comparison Is Ruining You

Follow up article by one of my favourite authors, Ann Voskamp:

How the Hidden Dangers of Comparison are Killing Us … {and Our Daughters} : The Measuring Stick Principle

If you need to give your friends, partner, or family members grace when they disappoint you (don’t give up on them):

Don’t Just Give Up on ‘Bad’ Friends

Hope you enjoyed these articles, and if you liked them I’d be happy to share more of what inspires me! Leave me a comment down below…

P.S. For more you can check out my recent Fall Faves video HERE.