Starting off a new year, we all want to be a lot healthier, active, cleaner etc. but the tasks can seem daunting to some of us. I’ve been implementing small little ways to get back in the swing of things, motivate myself and detox after the holidays and they’re easy enough for everyone to get a fresh start…

  1. Hot Water + Lemon: I’ve been starting my day every morning drinking hot water with a slice of lemon. It’s not a new concept, or something I haven’t done before, but I am making a conscious effort to start my day and my digestive system with this detoxifying routine. Sticking to something everyday is a great way to get your body on a healthy rhythm. We don’t really have a “routine” because everyday our jobs demand something different of us, but I’m trying to make more of an effort to create some structure in the day. Starting it off in a healthy effort is just one of the ways!
  2. Get Organized: I am all about the purge! I go through my closet and our cupboards every few months and either donate or pass pieces down to friends and family we do not need anymore. I try my best to be a minimalist and I find it easier to stay clean without clutter like knick knacks, an overabundance of clothes, accessories etc. I love using glass containers or plastic boxes to give everything a place that will ensure we stay tidy around our condo where we have limited space. (Acrylic Canister Organizers: The Container Store)
  3. Steam it out: I’ve been heading to the gym more often lately (I’m a New Year’s cliche) to get my exercise in as I lose motivation in the winter to keep moving. You’re tempted to just cuddle under cozy blankets and sip hot chocolate all day. I like to get a little sweat in every now and then, but my favourite part is sitting in the sauna after. My skin and muscles feel so good, and after reading on Gwyneth Paltrow’s blog about easy detoxing she also highly recommended using a sauna to release toxins. I’ve made an even more conscious effort not to skip this part after my workouts!
  4. Treat your skin: Taking the time to do a little face mask at home or book in for a facial is something I’ve made more of an effort to do lately. I don’t know about you but my skin kind of freaked out after all the sugar I consumed over the holidays. I was pretty naughty in that department, so it’s time to get back on track and treat my skin to some love! There’s something about doing a facial that just gives you the feeling of renewal, and I think when we physically make the effort to refresh our skin, it kind of seeps into our other areas of life we want revival! At least for me it does. Ready for fresh skin and a fresh new year! Get the recipe for my honey-lemon face mask here for an at-home glow. (Exfoliating Facial: Goop)
  5. Book a vacation: I realize not everyone can do this right after the holidays, but even if it’s just a weekend stay-cation somewhere to get you out of the winter blues I highly recommend it! Last year, my mom and I took a trip to the Dominican Republic in January and it felt so good just to soak in the ocean salt, take in Vitamin D (which I lack immensely where I live) and plan out the year ahead with no noise. The long winters can be brutal in Canada (lack of creativity, motivation etc.), so some much needed time in the sun is necessary right around this time of year. Neal and I are headed somewhere warm this week as well, and just the anticipation of the last minute trip in the sun has my mood up and motivated for the year! Planning something to look forward to is a great way to get you going on 2017.

Hope these tips inspire you to make the most out of the beginning of this new year! XO

Exfoliating Facial: Goop | Acrylic Canister Organizers: The Container Store | #Goals Journal: SS Print Shop | Shoes: Nike | Deep Sleep Pillow Spray: This Works | Passport Holder: Kate Spade | Brightening Mask: Eve Lom | Polishing Body Brush: Aromatherapy Associates