I love switching up the décor in our place each season, and my gallery walls are no exception! One of the little hacks I use for being able to switch up my wall art so frequently are Command® Picture Hanging Strips!  A few years ago when I started my on-line store, SS PRINT SHOP, my good friend Anna (who also has a fabulous shop as well) told me about Command® and it’s been so useful from our promotional shoots, to my own home decor. After this, I was hooked! You can change out artwork easily, and you don’t have to worry about changing your mind, or crooked frames. You can re-arrange with no damage done to your walls in the process.  It’s perfect if you’re renting an apartment or condo as well!

Anna and I started our shops around the same time, and we’ve always had fun mixing and styling each other’s pieces together! The annawithloveshop focuses on beautiful travel photography, and my shop is focused on inspiring graphic and typography prints. They’ve always complimented each other so well, which is why I am so excited that we collaborated to design an exclusive set of FREE prints you can download on Command.com/LoveYourWalls!

We were inspired by Paris – Anna has so many beautiful photographs from her travels and I have always loved French sayings and words! They make any space that much more chic.

Anna loves colour, and I love a neutral palette, so we thought it would be fun to show you one wall, two ways with our prints (depending on your personal style)…

Visit Anna’s blog to see her colourful spin on this gallery wall!

Thank you to Command ® for partnering on this post. See more of our videos for tips and tricks HERE.