I’m beginning a new series, that I find to be named quite appropriately (and hilariously), “get in my life.” Whenever I see something I love, or locate something just perfect for a friend, I tend to say things like “you need this in your life,” if I am beyond in love, I will add an ASAP to the end of that sentence. I’m a silly gal like that, with my lady banter. I just want to share more of what I love. So in no particular order or category, I am currently coveting…

1. Gwenyth Paltrow’s Office (as seen on goop) — her beautiful set up is so clean and classic, which is what I love about her aesthetic. I need Gwen & her whole office in my life (asap).

2. Pink & Gold Packaging (as sold on Aerin Lauder) is so sweet and girly. There’s just something so feminine about that combo. I’d love to have this pretty floating around in my purse, or displayed on my vanity.

3. Floral Print Watch (as sold on ASOS) combines everything I love. Florals, neutral tones and minimalism. At a price tag like $28, it sure needs to get in my life.

4. Pave Chain Link Sandals (as sold on J.Crew) – it’s everything you loved in a bracelet (every blogger has one of these), now in a shoe! You all know anything that comes in gold I am sold on. So there you have it, sold!

5. Dream Kitchen (as seen on Pinterest) — all I dream of is an all white kitchen one day when I have a place of my own.